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Medibuntu - Linux for Multimedia

Multimedia, Entertainment & Distractions In Ubuntu

Medibuntu is a packaging project dedicated to distributing software that cannot be included in Ubuntu for various reasons, related to geographical variations in legislation regarding intellectual property, security and other issues.
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Ubuntu (Linux distribution) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Left vs. Right Brain (2) (video)

Split brain behavioral experiments

Early Split Brain Research

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David Letterman-Paris Hilton-Sept-28-2007

Paris Hilton on the David Letterman Show

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Beer as a Diet Drink (video)

The Mirical Beer Diet

via: Viral Video Chart - Miracle Beer Diet
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Military Robotic Dogs

LittleDog a robotic assistant for troops

The robot called LittleDog could ultimately lead to more complex robotic assistants for troops, like automated “pack-mules” carrying heavy loads over a tough terrain. Scientists are focusing on developing it for even faster and more animal-like movements over uneven terrain.



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Left Vs. Right Brain Dominance Test

Basic Right Brain and Left Brain Characteristics

Linear Vs. Holistic Processing
Sequential Vs. Random Processing
Symbolic Vs. Concrete Processing
Logical Vs. Intuitive
Verbal Vs. Nonverbal Processing
Reality-Based Vs. Fantasy-Oriented Processing

Take the test:

A quick test: the Spinning Silhouette Illusion


If you see it counterclockwise, you're more left otherwise, you're more right brained.

via: esofthub's web finds: Which way is this silhouette rotating?
Evolution Channel - Left/Right Brain Hemispheres and Basic Characteristics
Are you artistic or logic - Maybe both... : All My Faves | Blog
An Exercise For Observing and Reducing Visual Hemispheric Dominance

ElmoSapien (video)

The launch of ElmoSapien, the new free custom personality for Robosapien

He’s furry, red, and robotic! Meet ElmoSapien, the fusion of Sesame Street’s legendary Elmo puppet character and WowWee’s fantastic Robosapien RS Media robot. Like VaderSapien, ElmoSapien is out to dominate the world, but in funny, silly, way! Watch the video to see ElmoSapien in action.
via: BotJunkie » ElmoSapien: RoboSapien Demands His Dignity Back
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Tickle Me Emo (video)

MADtv presents Tickle Me Emo

Alternatives to Microsoft Office

CNET - comparison chart of all alternatives to Microsoft Office

(click image to enlarge)
via: Beyond Microsoft Office: we compare 9 suites | Webware : Cool Web apps for everyone

Public Transport with Driverless "CYBERCARS"

A driverless car controlled by computer with lasers to avoid obstacles

Daventry is investigating ways to increase the use of public transport and reduce reliance on cars.

The town council believes the Cybercars, which are called by pressing a button on the route and go direct to their destination, could be the answer.

via: The Raw Feed: Town Tests Cars Driven By Computers, Lasers
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Woman Language Dictionary

What Women Say… What Women Think…

(click image to enlarge)

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The Fibonacci in Lateralus

A video about the Fibonacci sequence in Tool's epic Lateralus with nice pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope

via: Tool Hides Fibonacci Sequence In Plain Sight | Miniature Brainwave
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Fibonacci number - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hubble Space Telescope - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Will live forever in outer space

Virtual immortality in outer space

Send yourself to outer space.
Simply Upload your information, any type of file
We will capsulate and send it with a space shuttle into deep space where it will live forever

Hammerhead shark reproduces without mating

Virgin birth

A hammerhead shark reproduced without mating in 2001, marking the first time that asexual reproduction has been observed among sharks, according to a new report. Scientists say their analysis of DNA from the baby shark, which died not long after it was born, shows "there was no male contribution," The New York Times says.

Study: Sharks can have 'virgin births' - USATODAY.com
Female Shark Reproduced Without Male DNA, Scientists Say - New York Times
Oocyte - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Human IVF egg images - oocyte

Think Like a Dog

Dog Logic Flowchart

via: The dog decision flowchart - What Jamie Found
Neatorama » Blog Archive » Dog Logic Flowchart
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Slingbox SOLO

Watch and control your TV source from anywhere in the world

The Slingbox SOLO allows you to watch and control your favorite TV source—including your HD content—from anywhere in the world on your laptop or cell phone. So now you can watch your DVR, digital cable, satellite receiver, or DVD player wherever you see fit. With the Slingbox SOLO, you can watch your favorite TV shows and sporting events wherever you see fit.
via: Slingbox SOLO hits the Slingbox line sweet spot | SCI FI Tech for Thursday, September 27, 2007 | SCIFI.COM

iRobot® ConnectR™ Virtual Visiting Robot

iRobot® ConnectR is a totally new kind of connection device designed for busy parents and distant grandparents seeking greater connection and involvement with their kids, grandkids and pets. Combining the latest in Internet communications and robot technology, ConnectR lets you virtually visit with loved ones, relatives and pets anytime you wish. Now you can see, hear and interact with them in their home as if you were there in person.

via: ConnectR robot to replace your spouse | SCI FI Tech for Thursday, September 27, 2007 | SCIFI.COM
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ViewAt - Panoramic Photos

Browse and share panoran\mis photos

via: Browse and share panoramic photos with viewAt | Webware : Cool Web apps for everyone

Book Autopsies

Brian Dettmer carves into books revealing the artwork inside, creating complex layered three-dimensional sculptures.
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Brian Dettmer: ReMixed Media
Aron Packer Gallery


Automatic Linux device driver upgrades

the INQUIRER Monday 24 September 2007:

DELL has been working with Linux vendors on something called Dynamic Kernel Module Support (DKMS) for about five years, according to Linux-Watch.

DKMS is a framework for Linux kernel dependent device driver modules that will enable automatic driver upgrades without requiring users to compile drivers by hand or wait for new kernel releases.

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The Linux file system layout

a map of the linux filesystem is provided which might be helpful for newbees::

(click image to enlarge)

and also a reference to a similar map:

(click image to enlarge)

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Most Spectacular Sights in Google Sky

A nice slideshow in PCWorld

All About Clouds


At The Cloud Appreciation Society we love clouds, we’re not ashamed to say it and we’ve had enough of people moaning about them.Read our manifesto and see how we are fighting the banality of ‘blue-sky thinking’.

UFO observed on the Moon by Italian Astronomers

During routine observations of the cosmos, Italian astronomers have recently spotted and tracked on video an Unidentified Flying Object or UFO

via: UFO observed on the Moon by Italian Astronomers | www.stomverbaasd.com
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Philips Power4Life

Philips energises portable entertainment with new Power4Life range

Berlin, Germany – Philips presents a new range of power solutions at the IFA 2007 in Berlin designed to remove battery life limitations and give maximum extended enjoyment from portable electronic devices. [...]
The so called Power2Charge universal USB chargers offer one single charger to power all portable electronic devices. Power2Go chargers provide up to 60 hours of portable power when on the go, without the need of a power outlet.
via: Portable Energy from Philips - TFOT

Google Books Search's Redesigned

Discover books by clicking on a category or the cover of a popular book:

via: New Homepage for Google Book Search


T-Mobile Unveils Two New Sidekicks

T-Mobile has just announced that it's expanding its Sidekick line of smartphones by adding two new models this fall – the Sidekick LX and Sidekick Slide.

Sidekick LX

Sidekick Slide

The official website:

via: T-Mobile Unveils Two New Sidekicks
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» Sidekick LXSidekick LX / Sidekick Slide / Sidekick 3 / Hiptop 3

DisplayLink USB to DVI Display Adapter

Connect monitor through a USB 2.0 connection.

How Does It Do It?

It is simply the onboard 128MB memory that this external DVI video card packs that allows it to perform so well. The USB bandwidth is more than enough to transfer the necessary video data to the USB to DVI adapter, and the 128 megs of onboard RAM does the rest to bring you perfect performance every time.

via: Review: DisplayLink USB to DVI Display Adapter | TechConsumer
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Wall Mountable PC - Sony Vaio L

Bring Home a New digital Livestyle

The upcoming Sony Vaio L series will be available in the Japanese market starting October 3rd. These wall mountable PCs come in three different models, the 15.4″ (with 1280x 800 screen resolution) as well as the 19″ and 22″ (with 1680×1050 resolution) wide screen.
via: Sony Vaio L series the wall mountable PC - Newlaunches.com
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Disclose.tv - Hidden Truth Revealed

Corruption Perceptions Index 2007

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Transparency International - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Halo 3 - Official 90 Second Spot

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Halo 3 Believe
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Dutch Stuff Online

Typical Dutch Stuff; All Things Dutch.™

to Typical Dutch Stuff, the best place to stock up on, as we we like to call it; typically Dutch Delights, such as Douwe Egberts Senseo Coffee, Pickwick Tea, Unox Rookworst, Venco Licorice, and of course Stroopwaffles!
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Refrigerator Powered by Magnets

Too good to be true…?

Researchers at the Technical University of Denmark have invented a new method of magnetic cooling technology that brings a whole new meeting to refrigerator magnets.
via: Magnetic Refrigerator Needs No Electricity | Got2BeGreen
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About magnetic refrigeration

Asterpix - Hypervideo

Hypervideo makes video an interactive experience by allowing viewers to:

  • Get more information on objects of interest during video playback
  • Navigate directly to specific scenes that contain objects of interest without having to watch the entire video

Asterpix enables users to easily create hypervideos and share them through websites, blogs, and email.


via: Asterpix does hypervideo tagging and annotation | Webware : Cool Web apps for everyone


'$100 laptop' to sell to public

The organisation behind the project has launched the "give one, get one" scheme that will allow US residents to purchase two laptops for $399 (£198).

One laptop will be sent to the buyer whilst a child in the developing world will receive the second machine

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UXV Combatant - Drone Warship


[...] the UXV plays the role of mother ship - a permanent base and control centre for the futuristic unmanned land, sea and air vehicles before, during and on completion of their missions [...]
via: Drone Wars: UXV Combatant Warship Made for Drone Battles Heralds Robot Apocalypse - Gizmodo
related: Drone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A Social Network for Google Earth?

A 3D Social Virtual World

Arizona State University's students have the opportunity to test a new product "that will be publicly launched later this year". The invitation page mentions that the product is developed by "a major Internet company" and there are hints that the application is related to social networking, 3D modeling and video games.
via: Google developing Second Life killer - TECH.BLORGE.com
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Future Boy: Google moves into virtual worlds - May. 12, 2006

Aliens Invade Romania (Google Maps)

View Larger Map

via: Google Sightseeing
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Samsung unveils multi-display 19-inch monitor

Samsung 19-inch monitor supporting multi-display

Samsung Electronics launches its 19-inch monitor ‘SyncMaster CX940UX’ in Korea market, supporting multi-display function using USB cable.

Containing patented solution for controlling up to six monitors connected by USB cable, the monitors could be easily linked, without complicated installation process using additional graphic card or driver. With its two USB ports, you can also use the monitor as a USB hub.

According to the company, 22-inch model is to be launched in late October.

via: Samsung Electronics unveils SyncMaster CX940UX at Digital Treasure


The Gates House

Random Facts
  • The house is 50,000 square feet
  • In 2005, the house and land were assessed at $200 million
  • Annually, Gates pays nearly $1 million dollars in taxes for the property
  • Over 64 km of optical fiber was used in the house
  • 300 workers at one time were working on the house - 104 of them were electricians
  • Every door handle in the house was custom made and cost $2,000 each
  • There are no visible electric outlets in the house

For a look inside the house with some photos a virtual video tour and more facts see:
Little Known Facts about Bill Gates - CyberNet News
A peek inside the Gates house - Download Squad
Bill Gates' house - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Micro Camcorder

World's smallest camcorder

[...] super compact video/audio camcorder. Smaller and lighter than a disposable cigarette lighter yet packed with high quality features. [...]
Micro Camcorder - World’s Smallest Camcorder | GeekAlerts
Micro camcorder dubbed the 'world's smallest' - Engadget
Micro-Camcorder - the smallest camcorder in the world - The Red Ferret Journal
Micro Camcorder - world’s smallest high-res camcorder- by Gadget, shop online blog of TechChee.com

Open Source Lists

Lists of Open Source applications:
via: Big list of open source applications - by category
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LinkNotes: Downloadpedia
LinkNotes: openDesktop.org
LinkNotes: SWIK - the Digg for Open Source Software
LinkNotes: Free and Open Source Software Collection
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LinkNotes: Educational Freeware
LinkNotes: Freeware
LinkNotes: Freeware list for nerds
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eyeOS - The Open Source Web Operating System

Login into your eyeOS server with a normal Internet Browser and
  • work from everywhere, any computer, mobile gadget etc.
  • share resources easily between different locations,
  • enjoy always the same applications with the same open formats,
  • continue working if you have to leave your local computer without loosing data
related: eyeOS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
eyeOS Blog
Digg - eyeOS 1.0 Launches


Global terrorism incident map display system

This free public service website was created to give the public, law enforcement, military, and government individuals a new way to visualize, and become instantly aware of terrorism and security incidents across the world.
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Floating solar island generates power

A Swiss-designed artificial island providing a source of clean energy.

via: Swiss Scientists Develop Floating Solar Island - GoodCleanTech
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WMK A-16 Exclusive Shower

6 Acupuncture Body Massage Jets
6mm Aqua Blue Tinted Tempered Safety Glass
Ventilation System
Foot Massage with WMK Foot Scrub System
Heavy Aluminum Door Frame
3,000 Watt Steam Generator with Digital Timer
Electronic Steam Temperature Control
Integrated Volume Control - Hands Free System - WMK Microphone
Halogen Lighting
Oversized WMK Sunflower Shower Head with Easy Clean System
Multifunctional Handheld Showerhead
Towel Bar
One Overhead Speaker
Storage Shelves
Drain Kit
Ozone Sterilization Function



My Sauna Price


via: Plush WMK A-16 Shower Enclosure for $11,999 - BornRich


Hand Painting

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AirTroductions - In Flight Social Networking

Choose a seat-mate for your next flight.

Make your next flight more interesting, and choose the person who sits next to you! Build a profile, enter your itinerary, match, and sit with them on your next flight! It's that simple! You’ve found AirTroductions™.

Pravda Coverage of US Economy

"US economy to go from bad to worse in nearest future"

Top 10 Mysteries of the Mind

Read about:
  1. Consciousness
  2. Deep Freeze
  3. Mortal Mystery
  4. Nature vs. Nurture
  5. Brain Teaser
  6. Memory Lane
  7. Mission Control
  8. Phantom Feelings
  9. Slumber Sleuth
  10. Sweet Dreams

Microdrones Flying Robot (2)

A high technology very small UAV made in Germany by Microdrone GmbH

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Sky News Video - Fire And Rescue Get A Bird's Eye View
ABC News: British Police Test Eye in the Sky Drone
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Open Source Applications for Windows