Below – aboveground insect interactions

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Insects Use Plant Like a "Telephone"


Dutch ecologist Roxina Soler and her colleagues have discovered that
subterranean and aboveground herbivorous insects can communicate with each other by using plants as telephones. Subterranean insects issue chemical warning signals via the leaves of the plant. This way, aboveground insects are alerted that the plant is already 'occupied’.

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Roxina Soler Gamborena

Linking interactions between above- and below-ground herbivores and the performance of parasitoids and hyperparasitoids (NWO)

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ThruVision T5000 T-Ray camera detects hidden objects

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Camera 'Sees' Under Clothes

A British company has developed a camera that can detect weapons, drugs, and explosives hidden under people's clothes from a distance of up to 25 meters. This new device may prove to be a major breakthrough for the security industry, helping to keep crowded airports, shopping malls, and large sporting events safe.

ThruVision T5000 can spot weapons hidden under clothing from 25 metres (Credit: ThruVision)
ThruVision T5000 can spot weapons hidden
under clothing from 25 metres (Credit: ThruVision)
The high-powered camera, called the T5000, was created by the U.K. Company ThruVision. The T5000 uses a new type of "passive imaging technology" in order to identify objects by the natural electromagnetic rays, known as Terahertz or T-rays, which they emit.

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DEFENDER TURK - WDS_indoor_demonstration
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Vi.sualize.us -- social bookmarking for images

Vi.sualize.us is a social bookmarking website similar to del.icio.us, but for visual content. It allows to remember your favorite images around the web, and share them with everyone.
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Vi.sualize.us - Social Bookmarking for visual content.

Vi.sualize.us aims to do for images what del.icio.us did for websites. It’s the brain child of Victor Espigares and was created after a personal need to remember a particular photo within a portfolio. Not happy with the current offerings he decided to do something about it.

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How does it work?

It's as easy as pie: you are looking through pictures and one of them catches your eye. With our bookmarklet button or our Firefox extension there's nothing more to worry about. Two clicks and you will never forget that picture!

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Vi.sualize.us - Social Bookmarking for visual content. | Indie Startups
social bookmarking for images on vi.sualize.us
Houston Photobloggers: Photoblogging communities
vi.sualize.us, a del.icio.us for photos - Photoblogs | Google Groups

The Volkswagen GX3

The Volkswagen GX3, an eco-friendly crossover between sports car and motorcycle from Volkswagen.
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The World Premier of the Volkswagen GX3
- Crossover between sports car and motorcycle
- It only takes 5.7 seconds to go from 0-62.5 mph (100 km/h) and the fuel consumption in the city is estimated to be 46 mpg (5.2 l/100 km)
- GX3 was conceived for the U.S. by the Moonraker team and VW’s Design Center in California
- Three wheels, two seats, and off you go in the carpool lane
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Volkswagen GX3 Reverse Trike Concept

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The World Premier of the Volkswagen GX3 - UPDATED WITH PHOTOS
Volkswagen GX3 3-wheel Concept - 2006 Detriot Auto Show - Automobile Magazine
VW GX3 3-wheel concept - General [M]ayhem
Volkswagen GX3 Reverse Trike Concept Vehicle | Ecomodder.com Fuel Economy Blog
Reverse Trike Motorcycle Club

Iceberg 2 Launces Business Application Creation Platform

Iceberg announced the release of their version 2. The Iceberg platform is designed for building high-quality, dynamic business software..

The Web platform essentially allows anyone to create business class applications in minutes rather than days – without the need for code of any kind.
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What is iceberg?

Iceberg is a powerful web-based tool for the creation and usage of custom-built business software. Beyond this, Iceberg is a platform for sharing and marketing this software to others who may have the same business needs.

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Create custom applications:

  • An ERP application for thousands of users

  • A simple CRM tool for a small business

  • A blogger+AdWords/twitter mashup

  • You can make all this with Iceberg and everything in between

  • Businesses... Free for 5 users. Non-Profits...completely free for unlimited users

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Build custom applications as easy as abc

Iceberg combines the speed of a web-based application with the power and adaptability of hand-coded software. The process of building an Iceberg application, with the power of traditionally made software, is as easy as A,B,C...

A. Application

B. Business objects

C. Customise

D. Drag and drop

How to design your workflow with Iceberg.
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Sample applications

Vacation Management

CRM Application

Bug Tracker

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Get Iceberg! Develop Custom Applications Without Coding
Software Runs Into Iceberg - ReadWriteWeb
Sunday Business Post | Irish Business News


Yahoo! SearchMonkey

Yahoo has launched a private beta for its SearchMonkey developer platform. The idea is to create applications that users can install to modify how results display on the Yahoo search pages.
Search Engine Land!

Yahoo! Launches SearchMonkey Developer Tool in Limited Preview

Yahoo! is providing a "limited preview" of a tool that enables developers to create SearchMonkey applications.
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Yahoo! Search Blog
SearchMonkey Logo_Small.jpg
  • Site owners can build enhanced search results that will provide searchers with a more useful experience by including links, images and name-value pairs in the search results for their pages (likely resulting in an increase in traffic quantity and quality)
  • Developers can build SearchMonkey apps that enhance search results, access Yahoo! Search's user base and help shape the next generation of search
  • Users can customize their search experience with apps built by or for their favorite sites
  • You can create two types of results with SearchMonkey:

  • Enhanced result: may provide a more descriptive title, additional navigational links below the description, and other meta data.
    SearchMonkey Data Service: Enhanced Result
  • Infobar: retains the original title and description, but provides additional information below the result.
    SearchMonkey Data Service: Infobar

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    Yahoo! Launches SearchMonkey Developer Tool in Limited Preview
    Yahoo! Search Blog: Start Monkeying Around
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    Yahoo! Search Blog: An Open Approach to Search
    Yahoo! SearchMonkey: Oooh ooh oooh
    Yahoo SearchMonkey Launches Into Private Beta
    bit-tech.net | Yahoo SearchMonkey beta launched

    Likewise Software Connects Windows and Open Source

    Likewise Open, recently released by Likewise Software, is an Open Source offering that provides fast and easy integration of Linux, UNIX and Mac systems.

    Reduce the Challenges and Costs of Running your Mixed Network

    Likewise Enterprise
    Likewise Software Experts to Speak at Samba eXPerience 2008
    Conference to focus on open source products
    Samba eXPerience 2008
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    Linux Magazine

    Making Interoperability Possible: An Interview with Likewise CEO Barry Crist

    Likewise CEO Barry Crist talks about the importance of interoperability, the differences between the corporate and open source communities, and what’s ahead for Linux.

    Microsoft Subnet Blog

    Microsoft Subnet

    Likewise Software: sandwiched between Microsoft and open source

    Likewise Open

    What it Does

    • Likewise Open supports over 110 UNIX, Linux and Mac platforms

    • Joins Linux, Unix and Mac systems to Microsoft Windows Active Directory domains

    • Authenticates users with a single user name and password on both Windows and non-Windows systems

    • Enforces the same password policies for non-Windows users as for Windows users

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    Likewise Software Experts to Speak at Samba eXPerience 2008
    Making Interoperability Possible: An Interview with Likewise CEO Barry Crist | Linux Magazine
    Products | Likewise Software
    Overview | Likewise Open | Products | Likewise Software
    Likewise Software: sandwiched between Microsoft and open source | NetworkWorld.com Community
    Likewise Software Named Innovation Showcase Winner at Software 2008