Oxytocin -- The Mind Reading Hormone

A sniff of the hormone oxytocin, turns out to improve men's ability to read other people's emotions.
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The Hormone That Makes You Enter the Mind of the Others

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A new research led by Gregor Domes at the University of Germany shows how oxytocin is involved in reading the others’ mind.

Oxytocin appears to ease the processing of social information received through two sensory pathways: hearing and vision. This hormone also was found to regulate stress and fear reactivity, explaining the theory of mind by decreasing the social anxiety accompanying many social encounters, an acute symptom in autism.

The hormone that helps you read minds

We've long accepted that hormones can make you amorous, aggressive, or erratic. But lately neuroscience has been abuzz with evidence that the hormone oxytocin -- which also acts as a neuromodulator -- can enhance at least one cognitive power: the ability to understand the gist of what others are thinking.

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Google Sites -- Google's New Websites Creator

Google Sites makes building a site is as simple as editing a document. Unlike most WYSIWYG web editors, it allows embedding of YouTube videos, spreadsheets or presentations from Google Docs, Google Calendars or any other type of file into their web pages.
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Google Unveils Google Sites - Quick Facts [GOOG]
2/28/2008 12:35:43 AM Google Inc. (GOOG) announced a new offering from Google Apps, named Google Sites. Google noted that, this new free service will centralize all types of information, from videos to presentations, and share the site with other people.
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Google Sites
Welcome to Google Sites

Anyone can do it. Building a site is as simple as editing a document, and you don't need anyone's help to get started.

One-stop sharing. Create a single place to bring together all the information your team needs to share, including docs, videos, photos, calendars and attachments.

Work together. Invite co-workers, classmates, or your entire organization to edit your site with you to keep it fresh and up-to-date. And let as many or few people view your site as you want.

Company intranet

Team project

Employee profile


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Google Sites Tour

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Welcome to Google Sites
Google Sites
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Michael Rea -- Objects from untreated wood and memory

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Michael T. Rea
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Michael Rea's works are evocative and rational responses to history. Constructed from untreated wood and memory, they invoke one simple axiomatic truth: fictions or established hearsay allow for flawed interpretations that lead to flawed results. Michael Rea creates something short of that outcome, the idea of an object that remains a dream. His temporal works are humane in scale acquiring their patinas naturally, through interaction, by touch. Offering simultaneity, they are a service to what could be and what never will.
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Mike Rea Interview

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REEM-B: A Humanoid Robot

REEM-B, a new humanoid robot created by Pal Technology Robotics, is able to walk, grasp objects, navigate within buildings, accepts voice command and recognizes faces.
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REEM-B: One Step Closer to a Humanoid Service Robot
The company's goal is to create a humanoid service robot. REEM-B is closer to that goal and is able to walk dynamically, grasp objects, navigate within buildings. The 1.47 meter tall robot also accepts voice command and recognizes faces.
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Blippr -- browse rate and share commercial products

Blippr lets users browse and rate a wide variety of commercial products and allows - just like Twitter - review messages up to 160 characters.
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blippr logo

blippr will change the way you discover, recommend, and organize media with your friends.

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The bigger your network, the more likely you'll find tons of great new recommendations from the people you trust.
Sidebars are another way blippr supplies you with the quick and helpful information you need without getting in the way of what people are saying or which titles your friends recommend.
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recommend media to your social network
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custom lists allow you to organize your own media

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blippr: Radically Short Ratings and Reviews - blippr [beta]
Blippr: Mashable Invites for Social Search
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