Single molecule imaged for first time

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IBM Research - Zurich

Imaging the anatomy of a molecule
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IBM Scientists First to Image the “Anatomy” of a Molecule

Opens new possibilities for exploring the building blocks of future microprocessors and other nanodevices

Zurich, Switzerland, August 28, 2009—IBM (NYSE: IBM) scientists have been able to image the “anatomy”—or chemical structure—inside a molecule with unprecedented resolution, using a complex technique known as noncontact atomic force microscopy.

The results push the exploration of using molecules and atoms at the smallest scale and could greatly impact the field of nanotechnology, which seeks to understand and control some of the smallest objects know to mankind.

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Mail Online

Single molecule, one million times smaller than a grain of sand, pictured for first time


The delicate inner structure of a pentacene molecule has been imaged with an atomic force microscope


A 3D view showing how a single carbon monoxide molecule was used to create the image using a 'tuning fork' effect

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Nokia N900 Linux-based Mobile Computer

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Nokia announces N900 mobile computer

With less than one week before the start of this years Nokia World in Stuttgart, Germany, Nokia has officially announced its new Maemo-based next generation Internet Tablet. The N900 isn't Nokia's first Internet Tablet (770, N800, N810), but it is the companies first that also includes a GSM and 3G/UMTS modem, making it a fully fledged smartphone. Previous models could only connect to the Internet via the built-in Wi-Fi connection or via a Bluetooth link to another mobile phone.

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Maemo 5 injects speed and power into mobile computing

August 27, 2009

The new Nokia N900: Computer-grade performance in a handset
Espoo, Finland - Nokia today marked the next phase in the evolution of Maemo software with the new Nokia N900. Taking its cues from the world of desktop computing, the open source, Linux-based Maemo software delivers a PC-like experience on a handset-sized device.

The Nokia N900 has evolved from Nokia's previous generation of Internet Tablets and broadens the choice for technology enthusiasts who appreciate the ability to multitask and browse the internet like they would on their desktop computer.

Running on the new Maemo 5 software, the Nokia N900 empowers users to have dozens of application windows open and running simultaneously while taking full advantage of the cellular features, touch screen and QWERTY keyboard.
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Nokia N900 - Video Promo

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N900 interaction documentary

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Introducing Maemo 5

Maemo brings the power of computers to mobile devices. Designed with the internet at its core, Linux-based Maemo software takes us into a new era of mobile computing.

See the features

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Raw computer power
At the heart of this mobile computer is its powerful 600 MHz processor and up to 1GB of application memory.
Raw computer power
The built-in 32 GB storage is big enough to store up to 7,000 of your favourite songs or 40 hours of DVD-quality video.
Raw computer power
For the first time get high-speed broadband that’s as fast as an internet connection at home.
Raw computer power
Capture vivid images and DVD-quality widescreen video with the integrated 5-megapixel camera.
Raw computer power
Powerful hardware packed into a sleek, compact design.
Raw computer power
Find your position quickly and accurately with the built-in Assisted-GPS receiver.
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Maemo 5 user interface

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Masdar -- World's First Sustainable City

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Masdar City

Masdar is a planned city in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. It is an initiative by the Government of Abu Dhabi through Mubadala Development Company. Designed by the British architectural firm Foster + Partners, the city will rely entirely on solar energy and other renewable energy sources, with a sustainable, zero-carbon, zero-waste ecology. The city is being constructed 17 kilometres (11 mi) east-south-east of the city of Abu Dhabi, beside Abu Dhabi International Airport.
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As the first major hydrocarbon-producing economy to take such a step Abu Dhabi has established its leadership position by launching the Masdar Initiative a global cooperative platform for the open engagement in the search for solutions to some of mankind's most pressing issues energy security climate change and the development of human expertise in...

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LAVA wins first prize for masdar - world's first sustainable city in UAE

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Levitation Revealed

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The Skeptic's Dictionary


Levitation is the act of ascending into the air and floating in apparent defiance of gravity. Spiritual masters and fakirs are often depicted as levitating. Some take the ability to levitate as a sign of blessedness. Others see levitation as a conjurer's trick. No one really levitates; they just appear to do so. Clever people can use illusion, "invisible" string, magnets, and other trickery to make things or
people appear to levitate.
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Levitation revealed (Trickbusters)

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Balducci Self Levitation Revealed

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Cris Angels' Levitation Revealed

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Horizontal Levitation- Revealed

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secret of levitation in india

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Secrets Of The Street Magician Revealed - Levitation
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Masked Magician Criss Angel Levitation Revealed

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