Soccer for Humanoid Robots

The Darmstadt Dribblers, a team of autonomous soccer playing robots developed by a research group of the Univeristy of Darmstadt, videos and some info.
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Darmstadt Dribblers

Two soccer playing humanoid robots.
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RoboCup 2008 Humanoid League: Cooperation and Teamplay by DD
This video shows teamplay/cooperation and obstacle avoidance by the autonomous humanoid robots of the Darmstadt Dribblers team. The robots negotiate their roles via wifi, with the robot closest to the ball selecting the striker role and the other one staying back as supporter. Striker Isra then kicks the ball past the opponent and finally scores.
After scoring the goal our robots can be seen cheering.

Visit http://www.dribblers.de/ for further information, pictures and videos.
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Humanoid robots show emotional reactions at RoboCup 2006

Current Research Topics

High performance locomotion

Bionic robots and new actuators

Software and control architectures tailored for heterogeneous teams of autonomous robots

Lightweight robots described by low payload capabilities

Robot localization

Programming of robot and team behavior using discrete, hierarchical state automata

GameController / Referee Box for RoboCup Humanoid League

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Darmstadt Dribblers - FG Simulation, Systemoptimierung und Robotik - TU Darmstadt


Microscope On A Chip

Researchers at Caltech recently developed a revolutionary new type of microscope without lenses. The device is compact enough to be put in a cell phone and can use just sunlight for illumination. This makes it very appealing for Third-World applications,
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Bioengineers Develop 'Microscope On A Chip'

ScienceDaily (July 29, 2008) — Researchers at the California Institute of Technology have turned science fiction into reality with their development of a super-compact high-resolution microscope, small enough to fit on a finger tip. This "microscopic microscope" operates without lenses but has the magnifying power of a top-quality optical microscope, can be used in the field to analyze blood samples for malaria or check water supplies for giardia and other pathogens, and can be mass-produced for around $10.

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California Institute of Technology (Click for text-version)
Biophotonics Labotatory at Caltech

Nanophotonics and Optofluidics

Changhuei Yang
Optofluidic Microscopy
Fig. 1: compact OFM prototype, compared with a US quarter.
Fig. 2: (a) OFM's layout. Red arrows: illumination; green arrow: flow direction
(b) SeveralOFM images of wild-type C. elegans; white bar =25 ┬Ám (for all images)
(c) Aspect ratio map, blue data points: wild -type L1 larvae; red: dpy24 L1 larvae.
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[image: OFM1.jpg]

An on-chip implementation of the optofluidic microscope.

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California Institute of Technology
The Changhuei Yang Research Group [Research]
Changhuei Yang
Caltech Press Release, 7/28/2008, Dr. Changhuei Yang
Optofluidic Technology Yields Microscope Without Lenses - The Size Of A
Physorg: Bioengineers develop 'microscope on a chip'
Science Daily: Bioengineers Develop 'Microscope On A Chip'
Technology Review: Tiny $10 Microscope


TH!NK Ox – A Fully Electric Car

TH!NK, with more than 17 years of experience in developing and producing electric vehicles is launching one of its new models 'The Ox' in North America. The cars will start selling in the US next year and the actual mass roll out will be in 2011.
TH!NK, a Norwegian company, has developed a platform concept vehicle named ‘The Ox’. TH!NK Ox is a five-seater, fully electric car, which is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100km/hr in less than 8.5 seconds, and can reach a top speed of 130km/hr. The car’s connectivity platform, built on a computer, helps keep the driver fully aware of the car’s status via the use of Internet applications and GPS. This innovative clean car may really leave its mark on the fast growing market of electric vehicles.
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think logo
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About Think

Don’t just drive – THINK! We are the car company of the 21st century. Our vision is to provide carefree, carbon-free mobility - a better way of moving.

CEO Jan-Olaf Willums

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Sustainable Mobility

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Zero emission

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Car sharing

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Technology & Innovation

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Models & Concepts

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TH!NK city

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TH!NK open

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Think is back at 2008 Geneve Motorshow
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Think test drive at Geneve Motorshow 2008
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Highlights from the 2008 Geneva International Motor Show

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TH!NK Ox – Fully Electric Car - TFOT
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The TH!NK Ox electric crossover Concept