Top 10 Web Vulnerability Scanners

According to a recent update of a famous list provided by Insecure.Org the top 10 web vulnerability scanners are:
  1. Nikto : A more comprehensive web scanner
  2. Paros proxy : A web application vulnerability assessment proxy
  3. WebScarab : A framework for analyzing applications that communicate using the HTTP and HTTPS protocols
  4. WebInspect : A Powerful Web Application Scanner
  5. Whisker/libwhisker : Rain.Forest.Puppy's CGI vulnerability scanner and library
  6. Burpsuite : An integrated platform for attacking web applications
  7. Wikto : Web Server Assessment Tool
  8. Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner : Commercial Web Vulnerability Scanner
  9. Watchfire AppScan : Commercial Web Vulnerability Scanner
  10. N-Stealth : Web server scanner
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