Chaos, Fractals and Dynamics (video)

Hand Craft ASCII Art (video)

Typewriter Artist

via: Spluch: Typewriter Art

Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites

This week in PC Magazine a nice list of 'Undiscovered Web Sites' in the following categories:
Info, Reference, and SearchHealth and Food
Lifestyle and EntertainmentMoney and Career
MusicNews, Politics, and Government
ReadingShopping, Classifieds, and TravelTech: Download and DIY
Tech: GamingTech: Hardware News and Blogs
Tech: Software and Internet BlogsVideoWeb App

Icuiti Video Eyewear and personal display devices

Icuiti's newest product, the iWear® VR920:
  • Twin High-resolution 640x480 (921,000 pixels) LCD Displays
  • Equivalent to a 62" screen viewed at 9 feet
  • 24-bit True color (16 million colors)
  • Weighs ~3 oz
  • 60 Hz progressive scan display update rates
  • Fully iWear 3DT compliant and supports NVIDIA stereo drivers
  • Built-in noise canceling microphone for internet VOIP communications
  • Built-in 3 degree of freedom head-tracker
  • USB connectivity for power, tracking and full duplex audio
  • Analog VGA monitor input
  • Support for up to 1024x768 VGA video formats and progressive scan
    component video

Cool Products Expo: 2007

A glimpse from the Cool Product Expo at Stanford University 2007.

More on the brain controlled video game on NeuroSky and this BBC viideo clip.

via: IEEE Spectrum: Hot Doings at a Really Cool Show

Where is magenta?

A beam of white light is made up of all the colours in the spectrum. The range extends from red through to violet, with orange, yellow, green and blue in between. But there is one colour that is notable by its absence [...]. Pink (or magenta, to use its official name) simply isn’t there. But if pink isn’t in the light spectrum, how come we can see it?

Weddenschap verloren

"Als iemand deze bal na kan maken krijgt hij mijn huis en de hele inventaris" zei Xin Liangkun, de maker van een uniek stukje keramiek op de televisie.

Binnen zes maanden meldde zich Sun Zheng, een jonge porcelein amateur uit Luoyang city met een perfecte replica.

Uiteindelijk besliste de rechter dat Xin Liangkun zijn huis en bezittingen moest afstaan.

Samsung Flexible Displays

Dankzij flexibele beeldschermen gaan veel dingen er in de toekomst anders uitzien:

via: Future Players: Samsung Shows Off Wild-Ass Flexible Displays - Gizmodo

Digg Arc

Via digg labs kom je op een aantal tools waarmee het gebeuren rond de sociale nieuwssite Digg te volgen is. De nieuwste is: Digg Arc:
Digg Arc displays stories, topics, and containers wrapped around a sphere. Arcs trail users as they digg stories across topics. Stories with more diggs make thicker arcs.
Niet alleen mooi om te zien, maar ook wel handig:
via: Yummy Silicon Chips: Digg Arc

Hoogste Roltrap ter Wereld

Niet voor mensen met hoogtevrees, deze roltrap

in The Umeda Sky Building in Osaka City, Japan

Personal Neurofeedback (Biofeedback) Machines

Neurofeedback (NFB), also called neurotherapy, neurobiofeedback or EEG biofeedback (EEGBF) is a therapy technique that presents the user with realtime feedback on brainwave activity, as measured by electrodes on the scalp, typically in the form of a video display, sound or vibration.
[Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ]
Tot nogtoe gebeurt dit in specialistische centra met dure professionele apparatuuur. Daar komt echter verandering in:

The MindPlace PreSage Biofeedback Package will be available in September 2007.

[...] It will include free PreSage Monitor software for PCs, which allows information to be saved and displayed as bar graphs and line chart formats. [...]

via: Coming Soon: The PreSage Personal Biofeedback System - MindMods CogSciTech Biofeedback & Neurofeedback Blog


Hondenpoep raper (2)

Na ons eerdere bericht LinkNotes: Hondenpoep raper hebben de ontwikkelingen op dit gebied niet stilgestaan. Hier is een nieuw ontwerp

via: S3 - The Light-up Pooper Scooper » Coolest Gadgets

360 cities - The World in Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality op de PC is nooit erg popular geworden, maar met 360 cities gaat dat wellicht veranderen. Overzichtelijk, handig, snel en soms adembenemed mooi.

Wellcome-images Two thousand years of human culture

Wellcome Images is one of the world's richest and most unique collections, with themes ranging from medical and social history to contemporary healthcare and biomedical science.


This unrivalled collection contains historical images from the Wellcome Library collections, Tibetan Buddhist paintings, ancient Sanskrit manuscripts written on palm leaves, beautifully illuminated Persian books and much more.

The Biomedical Collection holds over 40 000 high-quality images from the clinical and biomedical sciences. Selected from the UK's leading teaching hospitals and research institutions, it covers disease, surgery, general healthcare, sciences from genetics to neuroscience including the full range of imaging techniques.

Linux on Singapore Airlines

via: Planet - Singapore Airlines rust vliegtuigen uit met Linux

Self-Adhesive Sunroof

Schuifdak te duur? Neem een Self-Adhesive Sunroof

The DECANO™ adhesive sunroof feels like glass, it´s anti-scracth and mirror like.


Easy to remove if original car shape is desired or convenient. No need to make holes or damage original car structure.

High Status at a very low price !!!


via: Museum of Hoaxes
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Sudoku Pens

Voor de Sudoku liefhebbers

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Strange World of Google Earth (video)

via: De vreemde wereld van Google-Earth | www.stomverbaasd.com

MapOfStrange - Vreemde Dingen op Google maps

The Map Of Strange (MapOfStrange.com) - Strange and Interesting things in Google Maps and Google Earth

The Metasploit Framework - Learn Security Online

The Metasploit Framework is a development platform for creating security tools and exploits. The framework is used by network security professionals to perform penetration tests, system administrators to verify patch installations, product vendors to perform regression testing, and security researchers world-wide. [...]


Nanofactories (video)

Animatie over machines - zoiets als desktop printers - die werken op basis van nano-robots

A nanofactory is a proposed system in which nanomachines (resembling molecular assemblers, or industrial robot arms) would combine reactive molecules via mechanosynthesis to build larger atomically precise parts. These, in turn, would be assembled by positioning mechanisms of assorted sizes to build macroscopic (visible) but still atomically-precise products.
[Molecular assembler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]
via: National Nanotechnology Initiatives - Several Countries are in the Nanotech Race

Bosbranden in Griekenland gezien vanuit de ruimte (foto)

(click image to enlarge)

Pepper Spray Ring

Zelfverdediging in stijl

THE STUNNING RING, a beautiful self-defense ring with pepper spray, offers safety, elegance and confidence close at hand. THE STUNNING RING, elegantly crafted in silver and gold plating with a genuine black onyx stone, is the perfect self-defense ring for women or men. [...]

via: SCI FI Tech | SCIFI.COM

Web Office Products

This week in the Read/WriteWeb excellent reviews on Web Office products:


Evolution of Man

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Quasar - 360 Degree Speaker

The dodecahedron (12 sided) shaped object you see actually consists of 12 speakers which allow for non-directional 360 degree sound field. Which also means the new speakers can be positioned anywhere in a very flexible matter. Now with sound radiating equally in each direction, the speakers become invisible, only the sound emanating from them remains.

Designer: Emanuele Patton & Michele Menescardi

via: » JVC Quasar 360 Degree Speaker

Wave pool in Tokyo (video)

Het was heel leuk in het zwembad maar wel een beetje druk ...

The Ultimate All-in-One Beer Brewing Machine (video)

Behold PopSci staff photographer/mad scientist John Carnett's homemade microbrewery: an elaborate device that boils, ferments, chills, and pours home-crafted ale

via: Man's Best Friend: 'The Device' - All-In-One Beer Making Machine - Gizmodo
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The Gmail Video

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TV is dying

De TV heeft z'n langste tijd gehad, aldus Vint Cerf, 'Vice President & Chief Internet Evangelist' van de Google Management Group.

Vint Cerf, who helped to build the internet while working as a researcher in America, said that television was approaching its "iPod moment"

In the same way that people now download their favourite music onto their iPod, he said that viewers would soon be downloading most of their favourite programmes onto their computers.

"85 per cent of all video we watch is pre-recorded, so you can set your system to download it all the time," said Mr Cerf, who is now the vice-president of the Google, the world's largest search engine.

via: Google Nieuws:
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Flexible Mobile Phone

It is a soft mobile phone concept. The phone is encased in a flexible plastic housing. A soft polymer insert is located between the microchip module and the casing. You can drop it, bend it, sit on it, toss it around, and give it to Naomi Campbell to throw at her assistant without detriment.
via: » Concept - Flexible Mobile Phone

Hidden Cameras

  1. Teddy Bear with Wireless Hidden Camera
  2. Boombox with Wireless Hidden Camera
  3. Wall Clock with Hidden Wireless B/W Camera
  4. Computer Speakers with Hidden Wireless Camera
  5. Air Purifier with Hidden Wireless Camera
  6. Alarm Clock with Hidden Wireless Camera
  7. Hidden Wireless Button Camera
  8. Cherry Mantle Clock with Hidden Wireless Camera
  9. Clorox Bleach Wipes with Hidden Wireless Camera
  10. Baby Wipes with Hidden Wireless Camera
  11. Cooler with Wireless Hidden Camera
  12. Pringles Can with Wireless Hidden Camera
So never forget your

Mindcontrol (video)

Deze gadget maakt het mogelijk om apparaten te besturen met hersengolven

Meer video's op:

Aktie tegen irritante mobieltjes in de trein

via: Dagelinks.nl » Actie tegen geluid mobieltjes in trein

Latin Words and Phrases

Latijnse uitdrukkingen en afkortingen, je komt ze vaak tegen
ad hoc
a fortiori
de facto
mutatis mutandis
etc. Maar wat betekenen ze precies, en waar komen ze vandaan? Meer hierover op:

Hyperblimp - Ultra-streamlined, airship

via: Radiografische zeppelin, op batterij en op zonne-energie | www.stomverbaasd.com

Porn Lessons (video - SFW)

What I Learned From Porn - Watch more free video

via: What I learned from Porn Video (SFW) at DwingDwang.com
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Paalzitten vs. Paalwonen

Paalzitten is een sport waarbij het de kunst is om zo lang mogelijk op de (meestal houten) paal te blijven zitten. Geen eenvoudige opgave [Waterspektakel]:

Paalwonen is iets comfortabeler:

via: SCI FI Tech | SCIFI.COM

Holland: Highest Mean IQ

On the IQ Comarison Site among other ineresting stuff we find a table with encouraging news for the Duch. In the table IQs in various countries on top:

Country City Mean IQ
Holland Amsterdam


Americans are NOT stupid (video)

The responses to LinkNotes: The 5 old posts meme provide a lot of surprising results, including a link in Blog à Moua (BaM): The 5 old posts meme to the next funny video:

via: Blog à Moua (BaM): Cultivez vos préjugés anti-americains !

Rare Screenshots (2)

For our collection LinkNotes: Rare Screenshots here is a nice one from Technorati:

Fully Automated Restaurant

via: The Raw Feed: Automated Restaurant Opens In Germany

Global Warming - book free online

Wordt Global Warming nu wel of niet door menselijke invloeden veroorzaakt, en in hoeverre is de mens in staat daar iets aan doen? Voor wie zijn oordeel over dit soort vragen niet alleen op Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth of op de BBC documentaire The Great Global Warming Swindle wil baseren maar zich wat grondiger in de achtergronden van deze materie wil verdiepen is er nu gratis online een uitstekende boek over dit onderwerp beschikbaar: A Layman's Guide to Anthropogenic (Man-Made) Global Warming door Warren Meyer.Voor wie deze 80 pagina's wat veel vindt is er ook een samenvatting: Coyote Blog: The 60-Second Climate Skeptic

via: Al Fin: Online Skeptic's Guide to Global Warming

Slimmer met muziek

Recent research in neuroscience suggests that learning to play music positively influences the brain. Scientists hope that ongoing studies will lead to:
  • A greater understanding of how the brain can remodel itself.

  • Fresh ways to use music to help boost learning.

  • New ideas on how to use music to treat brain illness.

If bigger brain parts mean a bigger intellect, musicians may have a leg up on others. Brain imaging research shows that several brain areas are larger in adult musicians than in nonmusicians. [...]
via: StumbleUpon » scarpaz's web site reviews and blog

Hoevell suiker zit er een fles frisdrank? (video)

Meer dan je denkt! Zie de video:

via: Vidipedia - The web's first video encyclopedia - Portal:Science
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StumbleUpon - Small and Beautiful

StumbleUpon is a nice community and a fascinating tool to explore the internet, but still relatively small:

About the $100 laptop (video)

A team of US-based researchers, backed by a billionaire, have re-invented the computer in an attempt to revolutionise education in the developing world.

The engineers who designed the energy efficient laptop have thrown out a whole host of conventional ideas in order to produce a computer that will be useful in nations where electricity is in short supply.

Funny Car Driving (video)

via: annietong.net » Funny Car Driving
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Filmmaker's Online Tool Kit

Maak zelf je films met online tools

Homeopathie Zin of Onzin? (video)

Een wetenschappelijke test:

Opblaaspoppen Race

Beelden van de 'Bubble Baba Challenge' . Een evenement in de Vuoksa rivier bij St Petersburg:

via: Spluch: Racing with inflatable sex dolls


Best Vista Antispyware

Volgens een recente test van PC World zijn dit de beste anti-spyware programma's voor Vista:

PC Tools' Spyware Doctor 5.0 outperformed its Vista competitors. Grisoft's AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5 and Webroot's Spy Sweeper 5.5 finished some distance behind. Neither Spybot Search & Destroy nor Windows Defender adequately protects against today's threats. And on Windows XP, Lavasoft Ad-Aware, in several performance areas, did not impress us.
PC Tools Spyware Doctor 5.0Grisoft AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5Webroot SpySweeper 5.5Microsoft Windows Defender 1.1Safer Networking Spybot Search & Destroy 1.4

Augmented Reality (video)

Beyond Virtual Reality

A demostration of Augmented Reality...the seamless mixing of the real and the virtual. Quite simply, this is the future. AR has unlimited potential, the potential to give us virtualy anything anywhere.

See also: Augmented reality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Augmented Reality Page

Herken de leugen (2)

Een duidelijk overzicht met plaatjes en toelichting:
related: LinkNotes: Herken de leugen

Widescreen Video Wrist Watch

[...] you can use it to read the ebooks anywhere by using its superior 1.5" WIDESCREEN TFT LCD display. Music Player compatible with Mp1, Mp2, MP3, WMA and WAV files. Plays Mp4 movies, reads eBooks, browse, photos w /slide-show pictures in JPG. HQ audio recording USB removable drive function and Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Support, Rechargeable Li-ion extra long battery life.
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