Flexible OLEDs Lighting

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The future of lighting: flexible OLEDs in any shape and color

Once flexible OLED lighting can be produced on Roll-to-Roll, a load of new applications can be envisaged. Do it yourself lighting foil that you can cut in any shape you want. Or energy efficient camper lighting you can stick to the ceiling or walls. Holst Centre and its partners are world-leading in the domain by demonstrating a flexible OLED tile without the use of ITO and with printed shunting lines. Whats more, the 12x12cm2 white OLED tile can be cut as is shown in the movie.
More at http://www.oled-display.net
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    GE OLEDs - the future of lighting

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    GE shows OLED lighting concepts video

    GE has produced a nice video showing all sorts of design concepts using thin, flexible OLED lighting panels. There's wearable OLEDs for emergency safety gear, illuminated stairs, walls and signs in stores and a nice "wall peel" OLED lamp:

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    1. YouTube - The future of lighting: flexible OLEDs in any shape and color
    2. Lichtgevend behangpapier stap dichter
    3. YouTube - GE OLEDs - the future of lighting
    4. GE shows OLED lighting concepts video
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    It looks like frozen smoke. And it's the lightest solid material on the planet. Aerogel insulates space suits, makes tennis rackets stronger and could be used one day to clean up oil spills. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory scientist Alex Gash shows us some remarkable properties of this truly unique substance.
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    A Solid That's Light as Air

    Aerogel is the lightest solid known to science. It's also one of the most insulating materials on Earth, the most porous, and it's nearly transparent. Those last two properties made it an ideal choice for catching flecks of comet and interstellar dust on the recently-returned Stardust mission launched by NASA and JPL.

    Stardust Banner
    Aerogel & Peter Tsou, JPL Scientist
    Flower On Aerogel Over A Flame
    Matches On Aerogel Over A Flame
    Aerogel Supporting A Brick
    Aerogel In Hand

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    How is Aerogel Made?

    The Start of an Aerogel: A Gel

    Aerogel is the solid framework of a gel isolated from its liquid component, prepared in such a way as to preserve the framework’s pore structure (or at least most of it). In other words, aerogel is what would be left over if you could remove the liquid from a gel without it shrinking. This is most effectively done through a special technique called supercritical drying


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    Silica aerogels
    Carbon aerogels
    Alumina aerogels
    Other aerogels

    SEAgel is a material similar to organic aerogel, made of agar.

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    SEAgel Aerogel lighter than air solid. Not a UFO

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    Carl Pisaturo -- Kinetic Sculptures

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    Carl Pisaturo, an applications engineer at Stanford, creates kinetic sculptures in his spare time that include a transmutoscope, a 3D photograph viewer, and two upper body bots with 21 servos in a series named "Slave Zero." His studio is named Area 2881 after his address and houses 400 sq. ft. of art and light. Visit Carl's site to see his work, which he claims is "a money sink."

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    Electro-Mechanical Eye Candy

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    Carl Pisaturo

    B U I L T O B J E C T S

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    Slave 1 Performance Robot

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    Carl Pisaturo - light machines

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    Serpentine Robot Arm with Tendon Transmission
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    Carl Pisaturo - robot arm

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    Each sculpture can take months to finish, with all parts custom-made by him."Fully custom mechanical objects with lighting can take a long time," says Pisaturo who does the machining for the metal himself, "from three months to two years in case of the slave robots."

    Pisaturo has posted detailed material, design and electrical notes for his creations on his website.

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    Google Search Options

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    Google's Search options let you slice and dice your search results, explore your search and generate different views of your results page to more easily and quickly find what you need.
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    Use Search Options to find what you're looking for faster

    Click "Show Options" on Google search results pages to open a set of tools that let you filter, refine, and explore search results. For example, see results for global warming from the 1990s using a timeline, filter to view recent results, or explore related searches with Wonder Wheel. Learn More.

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    Google’s Wonder Wheel Experiment, and More

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    Google’s Timeline Feature

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