NIMble: Touch Revolution's Android Home Devices

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Google's Android To Invade Homes

Manufacturers are putting the Web giant's Android software in home management devices and remote controls.

In a sign that Google's Android mobile platform has a future far beyond cellphones, San Francisco-based start-up Touch Revolution says a string of well-known companies will introduce a range of Android-powered household gadgets before the end of the year.

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Touch Revolution :: Revolutionary Touch Devices
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Android's Next Stop: High-Tech Remotes For Your Home

Touch Revolution tells Forbes the new Android devices will come in a variety of shapes -- some with bases for tabletop use, others with flat shapes built more for holding or wall-embedding. Touch Revolution is handling the touchscreen and Android side of the deal, while the other companies are creating the hardware and managing the branding. The gadgets, according to the Forbes interview, will be available in the United States, as well as in other unspecified countries.

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