Solar Roadways

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A solar roadway is a road surface that generates electricity by solar photovoltaics.
An organization called Solar Roadways, run by Scott and Julie Brusaw in Idaho, USA, has been awarded a $100,000 research contract by the US Department of Transportation.[2] This Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract will enable them to prototype Solar Road Panels.[3][4]

Solar Roadways - Introduction

The heart of the Solar Roadway™ is the

Solar Road Panel™

The Solar Roadway is a series of structurally-engineered solar panels that are driven upon. The idea is to replace all current petroleum-based asphalt roads, parking lots, and driveways with Solar Road Panels that collect energy to be used by our homes and businesses.

Each individual panel consists of three basic layers:

Road Surface Layer [...]
Electronics Layer Base [...]
Plate Layer [...]