Mars500 -- A Simulated Mars Mission

«Mars-500» project

“Mars-500” project is being conducted by the State scientific center of the Russian Federation – Institute for Bio-Medical Problems of RAS under the aegis of Roscosmos and Russian Academy of Sciences. It includes a series of experiments simulating these or those aspects of an interplanetary manned flight. The main part is a series of experiments on long-term isolation of the crew in conditions of the specially built ground-based experiment facility. This part includes:

14-day isolation (it was completed in November 2007)
105-day isolation (it was completed in July 2009)
520-day isolation (June 2010 – November 2011)
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ESA - Mars500 - The isolation facility

The Mars500 isolation facility in which the crew will be based is located in a special building on the IBMP site in Moscow. This building comprises the isolation facility itself, as well as the operations room, technical facilities and offices. The current layout of the isolation facility comprises four hermetically sealed interconnected habitat modules, in addition to one external module, which will be used to simulate the 'Martian surface'. The total volume of the habitat modules is 550 m3.

Diego Urbina (@diegou) takes us on tour inside the Mars500 facilities - see how the crew are living and working for the next 17 months in isolation.

YouTube - First Mars500 'Marswalk' raw video

The first 'Marswalk' by Diego Urbina and Alexandr Smoleevskiy on 14 February started at 13:00 Moscow time and lasted one hour and 12 minutes,