Google Wallet

Visions of a Future Where Phones Replace Wallets - NYTimes.com

Plenty of companies would love to get their hands on our wallets. But Google wants to go one step further: it wants to be our wallets.

Its new phone software, called Google Wallet, is intended to replace the credit cards in our actual wallets.

It does sound pretty spectacular, doesn’t it? No fishing plastic cards out of wallets, no paper slips, no signatures. Everything is handled securely, instantly, conveniently, with one tap of your phone at the register.

Google Wallet - the vision

Google Wallet is an Android app that makes your phone your wallet. It stores virtual versions of your existing plastic cards on your phone. Simply tap your phone to pay and redeem offers using near field communication, or NFC.

Google Wallet - how it works

  1. Look for these symbols at checkout.  
  2. Tap your phone on the reader.    Your phone sends payment, and, at some merchants, offers and loyalty information.