Honda's ASIMO Robot Updated

Honda Unveils Faster, Smarter ASIMO 'Humanoid' Robot | News  Opinion | PCMag.com

Auto maker Honda on Tuesday unveiled an updated version of its ASIMO robot, which the company said can run faster, recognize faces and voices, and navigate unsteady terrains, among other things.

In a video shown on BBC, ASIMO is shown pushing a drink cart, running across a stage, pouring liquid into a paper cup, and hopping on one leg.

For the latest version, a new system continuously evaluates the input from multiple sensors, predicts the situation and then determines the behaviour of the robot, meaning that Asimo is now capable of responding to the movement of people and the surrounding situations. This technology also enables it to recognise faces and voices.

It also has strengthened legs, an expanded range of leg movement and a newly developed control technology that enables Asimo to change landing positions mid-movement.

Its hands have tactile and force sensors imbedded in the palm and in each finger. Combined with the object recognition technology, Asimo now possesses greater dexterity, such as being able to pick up a container of liquid and twisting off the cap, or holding a soft paper cup without squashing it.