The Zoleco Eco DIY Sports Car

Wacky wheels: Zoleco Sports Car

Zoleco is a new start-up automobile company which hopes to integrate aerodynamics and energy conservation. Zoleco is also the name of its prototype vehicle which is capable of reaching top speeds of an impressive 200mph. Initial calculations show that using just 8.5hp, the car can touch 65mph with a huge 91.4mpg. If you look at other eco-friendly vehicles, you’ll notice that they don’t give as much mileage, examples being the fuel efficient Alfa Romeo at 54.3mpg and the 2011 Camry V8 at 19/28 city/highway. Zoleco uses a fiberglass body and incorporates innovative safety features that set it apart from the rest.


The purpose of this specialty car company is to create an outstanding, very efficient, energy conserving sports car. This futuristic concept car prototype is being built with a unique and exciting form of automotive design. By using the scientific approach of combining the laws of nature with practicality and common sense we can produce a car that is…
  Sporty   Fun to drive
  Practical   Eco-friendly
  Exotic   A great compliment to ones individuality.
This all comes together to help address the sustainability issues in the future of our personal transportation.

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Source: Zoleco

Zoleco is a home-built 151 mpg concept car

Canadian Zoltan Bod is a self-proclaimed "car and performance nut" who has built his very own, very efficient, 151 mpg (1.56 L/100 km) concept car. Dubbed Zoleco (which merges part of Bod's name with the word "eco"), it is designed with ergonomic considerations and seats up to four passengers comfortably. It also features a teardrop body shape and a three-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine, along with thermal and braking energy recovery technologies, that conserve as much energy as possible. The result is a sporty and eco-friendly car that we're told is fun to drive.

The DIY Eco-Friendly Zoleco Concept Car from Canada

The future of the Zoleco is currently up in the air, as it could eventually head to production.

Zoltan Bod is considering selling a do-it-yourself kit for his Zoleco concept, allowing prospective buyers with some free-time and a bit of automotive acumen to create their own efficient car.