IntelliCap: personalizable drug delivery and non-invasive gut health testing

Non-invasive gut health testing breakthrough

NIZO food research and biotech pioneer Medimetrics are bringing this a step nearer, using the latest micro-electronics. They have joined forces to create a means of sampling and mapping content from the small intestine to identify its microbiological composition, in a non-invasive way.
Using the IntelliCap system, an intelligent capsule developed by Medimetrics (a company pioneered by Philips and now based in The Netherlands, Germany and the USA), it will be possible to take samples in vivo, at targeted locations, in a non-invasive way and, importantly, away from a clinical setting.  IntelliCap is already being successfully used by the pharmaceutical industry for the targeted and controlled delivery of drugs in the human gastrointestinal tract.

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Medimetrics IntelliCap

Medimetrics is the pioneer and global leader in electronic oral drug delivery. The company has created the IntelliCap system – the world’s first intelligent oral drug delivery and monitoring system. This flagship product is used to provice services and technology access to companies exploring controlled delivery and measurement of body conditions within the gastro-intestinal tract.

IntelliCap - personalizable drug delivery | Philips Innovation Services

Personalizable oral drug delivery has the potential to improve the therapeutic effects of existing drugs and to reduce side effects. It could even enable new types of drugs that can be delivered exactly to the required place in the body.
IntelliCap’s developers turned to Philips Innovation Services for support from idea to initial small scale production in several areas: design and development of the capsule, the portable unit worn by the trial subject and the PC-based control center.