Nederlanders het grootst

Lange tijd waren de Amerikaanse mensen het grootst maar momenteel zijn dat de Nederlanders, zo vernemen we vandaag uit onverdachte bron [Deseret Morning News]:
NEW YORK — America used to be the tallest country in the world. From the days of the founding fathers right on through the industrial revolution and two world wars, Americans literally towered over other nations. [...]
By the time the baby boomers reached adulthood in the 1960s, most northern and western European countries had caught up with and surpassed the United States. Young adults in Japan and other prosperous Asian countries now stand nearly as tall as Americans do.
Even residents of the formerly communist East Germany are taller than Americans today. In Holland, the tallest country in the world, the typical man now measures 6 feet, a good two inches more than his average American counterpart.
via: Nothing To Do With Arbroath: Americans once tallest — but not anymore