In augustus 2006 kwam het Ierse bdrijf Steorn met een opzienbarende claim:

Our Claim

Orbo produces free, clean and constant energy - that is our claim. By free we mean that the energy produced is done so without recourse to external source. By clean we mean that during operation the technology produces no emissions. By constant we mean that with the exception of mechanical failure the technology will continue to operate indefinitely.

Een soort perpetuum mobile dus, en derhalve strijdig met fundamentele natuurwetten, vandaag echter is het zover:

Steorn demonstrates free energy technology in public forum

Demonstration at Kinetica Museum, London, UK is world's first outing for Steorn's Orbo technology and will be streamed live around the world

London, 4th July 2007. Steorn, an Irish technology development company, will publicly demonstrate a real-life application of its Orbo free energy technology for the first time. The demonstration will take place in the Kinetica Museum gallery, London UK on Wednesday 4th July. People around the world will be able to watch the exhibit via a live web stream.

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