Personal Neurofeedback (Biofeedback) Machines

Neurofeedback (NFB), also called neurotherapy, neurobiofeedback or EEG biofeedback (EEGBF) is a therapy technique that presents the user with realtime feedback on brainwave activity, as measured by electrodes on the scalp, typically in the form of a video display, sound or vibration.
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Tot nogtoe gebeurt dit in specialistische centra met dure professionele apparatuuur. Daar komt echter verandering in:

The MindPlace PreSage Biofeedback Package will be available in September 2007.

[...] It will include free PreSage Monitor software for PCs, which allows information to be saved and displayed as bar graphs and line chart formats. [...]

via: Coming Soon: The PreSage Personal Biofeedback System - MindMods CogSciTech Biofeedback & Neurofeedback Blog