LG.Philips Flexible AMOLED Display

Een doorbraak van LG.Philips op het gebied van display technologie:
Seoul, Korea ( May 17, 2007) - LG.Philips LCD [NYSE: LPL, KRX: 034220], a leading innovator of thin-film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) technology, announced today that it has developed the first full-color flexible active matrix organic light emitting diode (AMOLED) display that uses amorphous silicon (a-Si) technology. [...]

LG.Philips LCD’s 4-inch full-color flexible AMOLED display features 320 x 240 QVGA resolution and can reproduce 16.77 million colors. At an ultra thin 150 μm, this display is barely thicker than a human hair. It uses a stainless metal foil substrate to ensure durability and protection against heat, which improves the manufacturing process and enhances product stability.
via: LG.Philips LCD develops first full-color flexible AM OLED using a-Si technology