The decTOP Mini PC

A cheap, fanless, low power PC

The decTOP started life in 2004 when Advanced Micro Devices introduced it as the Personal Internet Communicator. AMD tried to sell it as an Internet appliance, but it never went much of anywhere. So AMD killed that line, but then along came Data Evolution Corp., a mobile computing vendor, which rebranded it as the decTOP. Under the new name, the device can run either Linux or Windows CE 5.0. However, DEC said it is "committed to enabling open-source development for the decTOP."


The rugged mini Windows CE and Linux desktop computer.

The design of the decTOP comes from DEC's hardware acquisition of the Personal Internet Communicator division from AMD. By blending these features and those of a thin client device with the benefits of additional storage and an open OS architecture, which supports both Microsoft®
Windows® CE and Linux, the decTOP is the most flexible thin device available.

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