Ruyan - The Electronic Cigarette

Looks and feels like smoking, but without the smell or the carcinogens

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The e-cigarette: Nicotine fix, without the toxins

A Chinese company is seeking FDA approval for a battery-powered cigarette that delivers nicotine without the toxins, reports Business 2.0 Magazine.

For smokers who want to quit, there are pills, patches, and gum. But how about an electronic nicotine delivery device that looks and feels like smoking -- without the smell or the carcinogens?

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That's what Hong Kong-based Golden Dragon Group is selling. Known as Ruyan (meaning "like smoking"), the electronic cigarette is a $208 battery-powered atomizer.

Cartridges containing pure nicotine, available in three strengths and good for some 350 puffs each, cost about $4.

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