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BeBook 2 e-reader revealed and in the wild at CeBIT 2009!
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BeBook £229

There are at least a half dozen e-Book readers on the market at the moment, all practically indistinguishable in terms of feature set and, in many cases, appearance. The BeBook scores, though, with its neat, intuitive operating system and smooth rapid page turn that quickly lets you forget you have a high-tech gadget in your hands. A huge library of classic books bundled with the reader sweetens the deal considerably.

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Hands on: BeBook's new e-reader

Is the new e-reader on the block a threat to Kindle and Sony's Reader?

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The device itself is very neat. It's far cooler looking than Amazon's unwieldy Kindle, with an impressive battery life that allows around 7,000 page turns (from a 4-hour charge) a 6-inch reflective screen, weighting in at just 220g including the battery.

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BeBook on the Gadget Show

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Bebook's unique features
- Bebook reads all popular document formats, also free ebooks and any pdf!
- No shopping limitations: buy or download books, news or magazines anywhere (anywhere!) and read them on your Bebook!
- change font types and fontsize while reading
- 512MB internal memory and SD card slot so you can exchange books and documents with friends or collegues
- open software standard (lifetime firmware updates are free!)
- 1 year full warranty
- leather protection case is included with your Bebook

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BeBook Ebook Reader Hands On Review

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BeBook review

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Shiny Review: BeBook E-Reader

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BeBook 2 e-reader revealed and in the wild at CeBIT 2009!
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