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a start-up that develops cloud-storage solutions, announced Monday the availability of its ParaScale Cloud Storage (PCS) software. The software, once installed on any standard Linux platform, enables the server to be linked with others to act as one massive file repository that offers high parallel throughput.

(While this solution is available only for the enterprise market, regular users can also participate in similar clustering cloud storage using their home computers with Wuala, another online storage service that LaCie acquired awhile ago.)

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ParaScale Software, Powering Cloud Storage
ParaScale cloud storage software clusters tens to hundreds of servers together to act as one giant file repository with massive capacity and parallel throughput for a variety of applications. Deployments can start at several terabytes and it is easy to scale the cloud capacity and performance by adding commodity hardware. Having shared access via a standard network and protocols, a single administrator can easily manage hundreds of servers, with the system automatically balancing out hot-spots and capacity utilization across the various nodes. ParaScale software enables the enterprise or service provider to build enormous storage pools on commodity hardware at an affordable cost.

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ParaScale Products Overview

PCS changes the storage landscape by offering several unique benefits:

  • Slashes storage costs by leveraging commodity hardware
  • Increases read/write throughput by allowing parallel data transfer
  • Accelerates performance and load-balances capacity across all nodes, by using automatic data migration and replication
  • Simplifies deployment by allowing incremental expansion, one disk at a time.

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Wuala, the social online storage

Wuala, the social online storage

VoilĂ , here comes Wuala! Securely store and back up files online, access them from anywhere, and share your photos, videos, and music with friends and family.

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Why Wuala?

This need for online storage hasn't gone unnoticed: search for 'online storage' and you will find dozens of services. So, the obvious question, why Wuala? Wuala is unique in many ways and we believe it's the best application for a wide range of tasks. In addition to an array of convenient and distinguishable features, there are three core principles which make Wuala really stand out:


1. Security and privacy
Wuala is secure and protects your privacy: In contrast to many other services, all data you store in Wuala is encrypted on YOUR computer before it is stored online.


2. Bridging web and desktop
Wuala is neither a website, nor a classical desktop application - it bridges web and desktop, combining the best of both worlds.


3. Economic technology
Wuala is based on a novel technology that reduces our costs so that we can provide you with a better service for free.


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