Airbia Suburban Airships

Airbia lets suburban commuters fly high
One of the 20 outstanding finalists in ReBurbia competition, “Airbia” is ingeniously designed airship that offers an incredible flight from suburban homes to urban city centers. Alexandros Tsolakis and Irene Shamma’s creation is a transformation from the hectic and unpleasant polluted road trips to a freshening sky touching flight.
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AIRBIA: A Suburban Airship

The proposed airship has a capacity to carry 400 people and travel with an avarage of 150 km/h speed on a hight between 30 – 500 meters. Instead of having a major airship station, Airbia proposes a more dispersed network of station-platforms, that consist of staircases, lifts and ticket spaces. This way the system becomes much more flexible, since these drop off – pick up platforms can be placed almost anywhere in the city.

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