Nanoscale Computer Chips

New Material For Nanoscale Computer Chips

ScienceDaily (Aug. 17, 2009) — New data from Chinese-Danish collaboration shows that organic nanoscale wires could be an alternative to silicon in computer chips. The discovery has just been published in the scientific journal Advanced Materials.

Researchers cross organic and non-organic nano wires like Mikado sticks and thereby make nanoscale prototype computer electronics.
clipped from www.ku.dk
clipped from www.ku.dk

Danish-Chinese nanoelectronics

The researchers have used organic nanowires combined with the tin oxide nanowires in a so-called hybrid circuit. As in a Mikado game, the nanowires cross in a device consisting of 4-6 active transistor moieties. The devices have a low operational current, high mobility and good stability and that is essential in order for the material to be able to compete with silicon.

Professor Wenping Hu, Chinese Academy of Sciences is excited over the results:

- "This work is the first significant result of our collaboration with the researchers from the Nano-Science Center. It is a good starting point for our new Danish-Chinese research centre for molecular nano-electronics and it underlines the fact that we can complement each other and that together we can achieve exciting and important results."

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Advanced Materials

Assembly of Nanoscale Organic Single-Crystal Cross-Wire Circuits
Qingxin Tang, Yanhong Tong, Wenping Hu, Qing Wan, Thomas Bjørnholm
Organic single-crystal transistors and circuits can be assembled by nanomechanical manipulation of nanowires of CuPc, F16CuPc, and SnO2:Sb. The crossed bar devices have low operational voltage, high mobility and are stable in air. They can be combined into circuits, providing varied functions including inverters and NOR and NAND logic gates, opening new opportunities for organic nanoelectronics and highly sophisticated integrated logic devices.
clipped from www.iccas.ac.cn
Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences

Main Research Fields

5. Nano-Science and Technology

Researches in this field include the synthesis and preparation of nanomaterials the characterization and detection of nanostructures the study of the relationship between nanostructures and their functions and the development of prototype molecular electronics devices and nanodevices.

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