Intel's Single-chip Cloud Computer

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Intel working on a 48-core computer

Intel recently announced a single-chip computer that will hold 48 cores. The chip is called a single-chip cloud computer (SCC) because it resembles cloud datacenters.
Intel. Leap ahead.(TM)
Tera-scale Computing Research Program
Tera-scale computing: Unlocking the Future

The Intel® Tera-scale Computing Research Program is a worldwide effort to advance computing technology for the next decade. future applications more compelling and immersive.

"Tera" means 1 trillion, or 1,000,000,000,000. Our vision is to create platforms capable performing of trillions of calculations per second (teraflops) on trillions of bytes of data (terabytes).

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Single-chip Cloud Computer
Inside the Single-chip Cloud Computer
The name “Single-chip Cloud Computer” reflects the fact that the architecture resembles a scalable cluster of computers such as you would find in a cloud, integrated into silicon.
The research chip features:
  • 24 “tiles” with two IA cores per tile
  • A 24-router mesh network with 256 GB/s bisection bandwidth
  • 4 integrated DDR3 memory controllers
  • Hardware support for message-passing
In a sense, the SCC is a microcosm of cloud datacenter. Each core can run a separate OS and software stack and act like an individual compute node that communicates with other compute nodes over a packet-based network.
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