Haptic Perception in Virtual Reality

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Haptic perception

Haptic perception is the process of recognizing objects through touch. It involves a combination of somatosensory perception of patterns on the skin surface (e.g., edges, curvature, and texture) and proprioception of hand position and conformation.

Our daily lives are more and more computerized with advance in networking and computers.
It is increasing importance such as interfaces, sensors and robotics. These technologies connects the information-world and the real-world.

Real-world and Information-world

This demonstration focuses on two haptic experiences: sensing the composition and stiffness of an object, and estimating dynamics for multiple objects. Slight vibrations express the differences between materials and degrees of stiffness.

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Haptic Ring Touching Virtual Creatures in Mixed Reality Environment
We propose a new method for Symmetrical Haptic Interaction System with Virtual Creatures (VCs) in Mixed Reality (MR). In this work, we can interact VCs directly, not only through some tools but also with our fingers. If we touch VCs, we can see and feel their reaction.
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Robots and virtual reality on show in Tokyo

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The developers of the ring actually debuted it a little earlier in the year with a poster at SIGGRAPH. Virtual Creatures which interact with the device can be moved by the users pushes and respond to the type of contact. With light petting, the VC will display happy emotions. A strong push will cause the VC to avoid or react negatively to the user. This complex behavior for the VC gives an added layer of realism to the augmented reality interaction. After all, what use is having a finger that can manipulate a virtual world if the virtual world doesn’t react appropriately.

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