The Google Phone Nexus One Disassembly

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iFixit Tears Down Google Nexus One

iFixit Tears Down Google Nexus One

While every other website out there is posting reviews and first impressions of the Google Nexus One, folks at iFixit are curious to figure out what exactly is in there under the 11 mm shell of the phone.
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iFixit: Nexus One Disassembly

Check out http://www.ifixit.com/Teard... for the entire teardown! We took apart Google's newest smartphone, the Nexus One!
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Nexus One Teardown


Among iFixit's findings in disassembling the Nexus One:
  • The handset is held together by numerous screws. This is very different from the fifth-generation iPod nano, which is held together mostly by glue and adhesive, making it easy to put together but difficult to take apart.
  • "It's quite a colorful phone on the inside," the site said. "We've got oranges, greens, yellows, dark grays, and all sorts of fun stuff!"
  • the 3.7-inch WVGA AMOLED display is made by Samsung. It features a resolution of 480 by 800 pixels, less than the Motorola Droid's 480 by 854 resolution, but more than the 320 by 480 pixel screen found on the iPhone 3GS.
  • The touchscreen is powered by a Synaptics chip. Numerous other chips are included on the board, and most of them (at least three) are made by Qualcomm, including the QSD8250 Snapdragon ARM processor.
  • It also includes an Audience A1026 voice processor that includes noise cancellation, and an LED flash that is smaller than a dime.

"It's quite a colorful phone on the inside," the site said. "We've got oranges, greens, yellows, dark grays, and all sorts of fun stuff!"

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