The OmniTread Serpentine Robot

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OmniTread- Snake-Shaped Robot

OmniTread is a snake-like robot capable of climbing high vertical obstacles such as stairs, of moving through rough terrain and of crossing over wide gaps. Developed by a group of researchers from the University of Michigan College of Engineering, OmniTread can travel along electrical conduits and inside large pipes. Thanks to its special capabilities, the robot has a variety of potential applications, such as industrial inspection and surveillance, military and intelligence operations, and urban search and rescue missions.

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The OmniTread serpentine robot is designed to traverse extremely difficult terrain, such as the rubble of a collapsed building.
The OmniTread can also drive over sand and rocks. It can pass through small holes and climb over tall obstacles.
  • Use of pneumatic bellows for joint actuation. Bellows are powerful, naturally compliant, and take up minimal space.
  • Maximal coverage of all sides of all segments with extra wide moving tracks.
  • Unique pneumatic control method allows simultaneous proportional control of stiffness and joint angles.
  • The "drive shaft spine" is powered by a single electric motor in the center segment. The spine runs through the center of all segments and provides torque to all tracks.

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