KIT's Lip-Reading Cell Phone

Clipped from: BBC News - Lip reading mobile promises end to noisy phone calls

Lip reading mobile promises end to noisy phone calls

Technology that could see an end to the bane of many commuters - people talking loudly on their mobile phones - has been shown off by researchers. 

The prototype device could allow people to conduct silent phone conversations.
The technology measures the tiny electrical signals produced by muscles used when someone speaks.

The device can record these pulses even when a person does not audibly utter any words and use them to generate synthesised speech in another handset.

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CSL: Cognitive Systems Lab

Welcome to the Cognitive Systems Lab!

At the Cognitive Systems Lab (CSL) we focus on human-centered technologies and applications based on biosignals, i.e. capturing, recognizing, and interpreting signals such as speech, muscle, and brain activity.

Clipped from: KIT - Service - Press Releases - 2010
KIT at the CeBIT 2010 – Other Exhibits Deal with Soundless Language and a Semantic Media Wiki

Soundless Communication
The Institute for Anthropomatics also has developed a technology that enables people to speak soundlessly and still to be understood by the conversation partner. This technology is based on the principle of electromyography, that is the acquisition and recording of electrical potentials generated by muscle activity. This muscle activity is measured in the face. Four applications of this technology will be exhibited. An example is soundless calling. The user can speak into the phone soundlessly, but is still understood by the conversation partner on the other end of the line. As a result, it is possible to communicate in silent environments, at the cinema or theater, without disturbing others. Another field of use is the transmission of confidential information. For the transmission of passwords and PINs, for example, users can change seamlessly to soundless language and, hence, transmit confidential information in a tap-proof manner.

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Tanja Schultz
Full Professor at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

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