Zeiss Cinemizer Plus 3D screen Eyewear

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3D screen eyewear ‘Cinemizer Plus’

Carl Zeiss presented its 3D screen eyewear ‘Cinemizer Plus’ at CeBIT 2010 in Hanover, Germany.

With resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, the Cinemizer plus has been optimized for mobile video players and enables up to four hours of movie enjoyment on the road.

Clipped from: Carl Zeiss cinemizer Plus - Go for Entertainment - Carl Zeiss AG
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Carl Zeiss cinemizer plus
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Mobile Movies

Your favorite movies – anywhere and everywhere


3D Experience
Enjoy the 3D-Cinema and 3D-Gaming* experience with "real" 3D stereoscopic technology.
Watch brand new Hollywood 3D movies and be part within the action scenery.

3D Format Details for Carl Zeiss cinemizer plus
How does the visualization of stereoscopic 3D work? The main principle is that a side-by-side video is played on a video devices and the output is connected to cinemizer. The left and right images are separated from the video stream, processed (interpolated) and displayed to the appropriate eyes.

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