The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved

How brilliant computer scientists solved the Bermuda Triangle mystery

According to two research scientists the mystery of vanished ships and airplanes in the region dubbed "The Bermuda Triangle" has been solved.


Natural gas
—the kind that heats ovens and boils water—specifically methane, is the culprit behind the mysterious disappearances and loss of water and air craft.


Using the latest in computer modeling, Monaghan and May tested their theory. The modeling program, based on the scientific principles of fluid dynamics, accounted for all the variables including the velocity of a giant methane bubble, its pressure, and the density of the gas and surrounding water. The model converted three-dimensional information into a two-dimensional computer display. A graph illustrated the movement of the water forced aside by a mammoth methane bubble and its effect on ships of various sizes, configurations and tonnages.

Bermuda Triangle Mystery

Not alot is known about the Bermuda Triangle, for obvious reasons. It remains one of the most strangest places on Earth, ships and planes disappear if they enter the zone. Whats inside there? Why does it act the way it does? Is there a race at work within the triangles boundries.

nevertheless: Scientists solve the mystery of The Bermuda Triangle

The video here shows what happens when bubbles of methane gas emitting from bottom of a glass of water sufficiently lower the density of the water causing the boat to sink.

Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved?

The two hypothesized that large methane bubbles rising from the ocean floor might account for many, if not all, of the mysterious disappearances of ships and aircraft at specific locales around the world.
This video is from a BBC documentary looking into the same hypothesis:

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