University of Monaco MLUX -- Masters Degree in Luxury Goods and Services

University of Monaco Launching Luxury Degree

The University of Monaco, itself a playground for the wealthy, is launching a masters degree in luxury.

Starting this autumn, the course (which will be taught in English) has been developed in partnership with Gucci and Ralph Lauren. It will be open to 35 students per year.

'Degree in Gucci' to be launched

For anyone thinking that student life is about cheap beer and second-hand coats, a degree course is offering an immersion into indulgent luxury.

A masters degree is being launched this autumn in luxury retail management at the International University of Monaco.

Instead of draughty flats and sociology, students will learn about private jets, yachts and upmarket brands including Gucci.

the Global Generation
Located in the Principality of Monaco, Monte-Carlo on the French Riviera, the International University of Monaco (IUM) is an English language university offering undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degrees in business specialized in Finance, Luxury Goods and Services, and International Business.

Master of Science in Luxury Goods and Services

MLUX Highlights

  • Integrates project-based and practical learning
  • One of the world’s most diverse student bodies
  • Unparalleled networking and career opportunities in Monaco
  • Renowned faculty from industry-specific backgrounds

Course Description

DIRS 601: Directed Industry Analysis (6 credits)
LXRY 642: Luxury Consumer Behavior
LXRY 650: Introduction to Luxury Goods and Services
LXRY 643: The Luxury Legal Environment
LXRY 654: Capitalizing the Luxury Venture
LXRY 655: Human Factors in the Luxury Industry
LXRY 656: Managing Luxury Brands
LXRY 657: Operations and Supply Chain Management in the Luxury Industry
LXRY 658: Accounting and Financial Management in the Luxury Industry
LXRY 659: Luxury and Global Integrated Marketing Communication
LXRY 660: Luxury Pricing, Distribution, and Retailing
LXRY 661: Luxury Product Design and Development
LXRY 662: Luxury Sales and Customer Relationship Management
LXRY 663: Luxury, Technology, and the Internet
LXRY 664: Luxury Sector Seminar
LXRY 665: Luxury Goods Industries -Competitive Analysis
TRNG 601: Luxury Enterprise Immersion

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