DTV Shredder -- A Segway Tank

BPG Werks unveils Shredder will beat up your Segway - SlashGear

A company called BPG Werks has unveiled a cool new treaded vehicle that is a cross between a tank and a skateboard aimed at getting soldiers around quickly on just about any terrain. The vehicle is called the Shredder and it looks like the macho version of a Segway.

The thing is powered by a Honda 4-stroke 200cc engine with 15hp. The vehicle weighs 125 pounds and has a suspension with 3-inches of travel. The torque produced by the little 200cc motor is 16ft/lb. The shredder can carry 1200 pounds of payload when unmanned and 700 pounds when manned. The top speed for the Shredder is over 30 mph.

The DTV Shredder: The incredible motorised skateboard that looks like a tank | Mail Online

Its tank-like tracks enable it to climb over small obstacles

The DTV Shredder can hit speeds of up to 30mph

Its developers claim it is capable of travelling over any surface and can even be operated remotely

Collected from: BPG-WERKS