Philips Home Control debuts sleek Dual remote control | ZDNet

Philips Home Control has taken a simple gadget and glorified it in the form of the Dual. This sleek remote control features not one, but two input interfaces.

On one side, you have a typical but fancier-looking panel for adjusting volume, channel and other playback controls. Not to mention a touchpad for scrolling and maneuvering a cursor.

Then on the reverse side is a full QWERTY keyboard. For HDTV owners interested in accessing social applications (i.e. Flickr, Facebook) from their television sets, this accessory has some potential.

Logitech Revue: Hands-On Impressions

This keyboard, if you want it to, will completely replace all remotes. It just takes a little getting used to, with no traditional 10-digit keypad to plug in channels. But a built-in touch pad and a one-touch picture-in-picture feature make multi-tasking simple. Sending a Facebook note about how your college team is smashing your buddy’s team in the last three seconds is pretty much a no brainer, right on the TV.

Thumbthing Thumbtastic is Here: The TiVo® Slide Remote « TiVo Blog

It is here, the all-in-one remote control for the all-in-one entertainment box. The TiVo® Slide Remote fully equipped with a slide-out, QWERTY keyboard makes it easier to find your favorite series or celebrity on TV, YouTube, Netflix, Rhapsody and more.
This is the first ever DVR remote with a full QWERTY keyboard, and we’re certain that you’ll be excited to get your thumbs on it. The design has the same fun look of the classic TiVo remote, but makes it even easier to get more from your TV experience.

Boxee Blog » Boxee Box remote comes standard with QWERTY keyboard

The Boxee Box Remote – It’s got a QWERTY keyboard!  When we started designing the Boxee Box remote we wanted something simple like the 6-button Apple Remote.  As we began adding features to the Beta it became obvious that for people to really get the most out of the box it was going to need to do more than just point and click.  Rather than subject anyone to another on-screen keyboard we decided the Boxee Box should benefit from a full QWERTY keyboard like you might have on a mobile phone.