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Fits.me Shape-Shifting Robots Help Shoppers Find the Proper Fit

No matter their size, everybody has purchased clothing online, and then discovered, upon delivery, that it didn't fit right. But a European company has a solution to this problem -- shape-shifting robots. According to BBC News, an Estonian company has created moving mannequins that allow shoppers to view clothing items on more than 100,000 different bodies' shapes and sizes before they make a purchase.

How it works

After the customer has entered their body measurements, they can see the fit of a clothing item – like in the real-life fitting room. We use robotic mannequins to mimic the shape and size of the customer and we show the customer photos of the mannequin wearing different sizes of clothing. We can show the true fit with real-life photos of the clothing as it looks on the customers’ body.

The fitting room can be used as a component of the retailer’s “size help” or “size chart” showing only samples of clothing. The Fits.me biorobotics solution as a ‘visual size chart’ can help shoppers with the decision-making process about which size fits them best. It reduces costs and ensures that the fitting room experience remains separated from emotional factors driving the purchase.

Collected from: How it works | Fits.me

Fits.Me's Shape-Shifting Robot Lets You Try On Clothes, Online [Video] | Co.Design

Fits.me is now pursuing several new retail partnerships. Though there's only a male mannequin for now, they'll be unveiling a female mannequin in November. (The expansion was funded by a $3.5 million second-round of financing; the lead investor has been the Estonian development fund.) As Haldre tells it, "My engineers now have the best job in the world: Studying women's breasts."
[Haldre, with his robot army of one]