MechaniCards: Mailable Kinetic Sculptures

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Mailable kinetic sculptures, made by Bradley N. Litwin. They're made primarily of paperboard, with few bits of wood and plastic.

Mechanicards mailable scultptures by Brad Litwin

MechaniCards™ are miniature, hand-operated, kinetic sculptures, designed and produced in limited edition by Bradley N. Litwin. Each one is hand made, numbered and signed by the artist. They are constructed primarily from paperboard, with a few bits of wood, metal, or plastic. They make excellent gifts, and are suitable for mailing, as truly unique greeting cards. Each piece comes with complete instructions and display recommendations. They are also available as do-it-yourself construction kits.

Bradley N. Litwin is a Philadelphia based, multi-discipline artist, born in 1955. Primarily self-trained, his career as an artist has taken a serpentine path through craft, manufacturing, multimedia production, music, and the fine arts. Through it all, he has been making machinery of one kind or another for over thirty-five years.
Collected from: Brad Litwin - Bio