LaserMotive Laser-Powered Helicopter Sets Flight Record

Cosmic Log - Copter sets a laser-powered record

A pint-sized helicopter that gets its energy from a laser beam ran for more than 12 hours straight overnight, breaking an endurance record for laser-powered hovering.

Powered only by lasers, hovering drone flies for twelve hours straight - SmartPlanet

LaserMotive’s technology is fundamentally like a typical solar panel system. The laser beam is captured and focused onto a photovoltaic panel by a series of mirrors. As with many other solar devices, the Pelican has a small reserve battery, just in case the laser is obstructed for a short time. The main difference? This solar power is concentrated and directed, and has a massive potential range.

Here’s a video of the Pelican in action:

Oct 20, 2010 09:00 ET

LaserMotive to Demonstrate Laser-Powered Helicopter at Future of Flight Aviation Center; Will Mark Longest Duration Untethered Laser Powered Helicopter Flight on Record

"The demonstration will mark our first public display of a free-flying unmanned aerial vehicle powered by lasers, and represents an important step forward in the future development of flight," Tom Nugent, President and Co-founder of LaserMotive. "As such, we feel that the Future of Flight is the perfect place to hold this groundbreaking demo."

"We are very pleased to host this record breaking event, which could genuinely impact the future of flight," said Barry Smith, Executive Director of the Future of Flight Foundation. "For us, the innovation behind the technology is what makes this project so meaningful and we applaud LaserMotive's achievements as the leader in the field of beamed power."