Tiger-Stone Brick Printing Technology

The Tiger Stone: A Contraption that "Prints" Roads - Transportation - GOOD

The Tiger Stone works like this: Operators on top of this rig grab bricks from a hopper and feed them into an opening. As the vehicle drives, gravity pulls them down in a perfectly tessellated layer and lays them on a prepared sand surface. Apparently it can lay out 400 meters of road in a day.

YouTube - Build your own road DIY. Tiger Stone

This is how building a road is now as easy as laying laminate flooring. Now even a 4 year old can lay tiger stone in your neighbourhood in a build it yourself style. Tiger-stone allows you to build 400 yards of road a day.

Amazing Brick Machine Rolls Out Roads Like Carpet | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World

The machine consists of an angled plain that workers feed with paving stones or bricks. As the electric crawler inches forward along a sand base layer, the bricks are automatically packed together by gravity. A small telescoping forklift feeds the hopper, allowing the Tiger-Stone to lay out an impressive 400 square meters of road day, and the span can be adjusted up to six meters wide. 

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