Land Crawler eXtreme 12-Legged Mobile Platform

landcrawler robot wobbles but it won’t fall down - technabob

This funny lookin’ fella weighs just 27 pounds, has 12 legs, and can carry you around on its back if you let it.

Video: Scurrying Rideable Robot Platform Lets You Surf on 12 Legs | Popular Science

The Japanese roboticist behind Vagabond Works debuted video of his Land Crawler eXtreme in action, a 12-legged mobile platform that can transport up to 175 pounds. While the robot, designed at the request of its creator's son, isn’t going to give the Segway a run for its solo-transport money any time soon, its fluid propulsion is reminiscent of Theo Jansen’s organically-moving Strandbeests and looks eerily natural.