Gostai Jazz Telepresence Robot

Gostai Jazz Telepresence Robot Unveiled - IEEE Spectrum

French robotics company Gostai is unveiling today a mobile robot called Jazz designed for "telepresence and telesurveillance."

The waist-high robot, which a user can remote control using a web-based interface, rolls on two wheels and has a head that can move in any direction, with a camera stuck on its forehead. The price starts at 7900 euros.


Telepresence robot

Teleportation made real
Have you ever dreamt to be able to teleport yourself anywhere with a snap of your fingers? This is exactly what you can do now with Jazz Connect.

The principle is simple: the robot stands in a remote location and will serve as your personal avatar. It can move and perceive its surrounding with its embedded camera, speaker and microphone. Far away, in your office, you start your favorite web browser and connect to the robot through a simple web interface. You can see what it sees, and move it around to interact with the people there.

A new way of communicating
Unlike traditional videoconferencing systems, Jazz Connect is mobile and its head can rotate to give a sense of its surroundings. It is easily remote-controlled through an intuitive web interface, and it gives you more freedom to interact with the robot's surroundings the way you want.
Collected from: Gostai

Company profile

Gostai is born in March 2006, when Jean-Christophe Baillie founded the company to foster the development of Urbi, an innovative operating system for robotics. Since these early years, the company has continuously developed a whole set of software technologies for robotics and AI, and created an ecosystem of partners and users.

In 2010, as a culmination of years of expertize into software and hardware for robotics, Gostai launched its first telepresence autonomous robot: Jazz.

Collected from: Gostai