Fujitsu Shows World’s First Truly Wireless Display

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Fujitsu shows world's first truly wireless display at CeBIT

[Munich/Hanover, 3 March 2011] - Fujitsu today announces that it is showing a working design study of the world's first truly wireless PC display at CeBIT 2011, which takes place in Hanover, Germany, from 1-5 March. The leading European IT infrastructure provider expects that commercial wireless display models, featuring the breakthrough innovation SUPA (Smart Universal Power Access) technology will go into production within the next year.

Incorporating wireless power technology developed by The Fraunhofer Institute and partners within a German research project funded by the German Ministry for Economic Affairs, the Fujitsu proof-of-concept display is completely portable, cable-free, and the world’s first display using wireless to provide both the power and the signal for the screen. The technology paves the way for “park and play” computing, where displays are powered simply by being placed on a desktop or conference table hot-spot.
Wireless 22-inch Fujitsu displays are powered by SUPA technology (Smart Universal Power Antenna), drawing power via magneto-induction from transmitter antenna that can be built-in to desks or office panels. The smart-power antenna is concentrated on a hot-spot and the technology is completely safe, just like induction-based kitchen hobs and electric toothbrush chargers. The display receives picture images via wireless USB from a desktop or notebook, with a range of up to 10 meters.

Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits

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Mobile terminal devices usually have rechargeable batteries to supply power to the different electronic circuits. In order to be recharged the battery must be cable-connected to a charger and the mains power supply. Charger, wiring and connectors are often sources of error. Moreover the charger and connectors are not always compatible with different terminal devices, making it necessary for each device type to have its own customized battery-charging solution.

Wireless power transmission eliminates the need for wiring and connectors in mobile terminal equipment

Fujitsu and partners show off cord-free display using SUPA wireless power (video) -- Engadget

The demo we saw was a little glitchy; the first time we visited the booth, Fujitsu was having a hard time getting the WUSB connection to light up, but it was up and running the second time we dropped by. [...]
All told, we're excited about this technology, assuming SUPA can gain enough critical mass in the marketplace to be relevant. They're expecting the first commercial applications next year... so in the meantime, enjoy our pictures and videos while you plan how you're going to rearrange your workspace once you don't have to worry about power cords.