Hypersonic Transportation: The Airstream Train

Hypersonic Transport - Hypersonic Zero Emission Transportation

Our Invention, Patent in Hong Kong on May 05 2008 is the Solution for all transport and Infrastructure problems the world faces today.
This should be especially interesting for country’s like India China and Africa as a whole that desperately need a modern 21st Century environmentally Integrated transport system that also provides Infrastructure.

Abstract: An air stream train comprises a rail (1) and a train body (2) which runs on the rail (1), a turbojet engine (E1) and an energy conversion chamber (20) belonging to the turbojet engine (E1), which are used to suspend and drive the train body (2), an air collecting chamber (7) disposed in the front of the train body (2). During the forward traveling of the train body (2), the air collecting chamber (7) generates a lifting force. If the pressure of the air collecting chamber (PACC) is higher than the nominal pressure (PN), a pressure exchanging valve (22) disposed at the bottom of the air collecting chamber (7) opens. A scramjet (E2) is used to accelerate the train body (2) continuously after the velocity of the train body (2) reaching a predetermined velocity. The air stream train uses a running method combining with the above configuration.


The Airstream Train is a new concept of Transportation.
It opens possiblities previously unheard of.
It is fast safe yet simple and very inexpensive to build and to maintain.
It uses Aviation Technology which is combined with Hovercraft and Train Technology.
It uses a Scramjet engine which is tested and verified to reach a speed of Mach 10.
It uses an Air cushion the Ground effect and then an Airstream to levitate itself around a specially shaped Track.
This Technology in it's principles was proven to be working better and more sufficcient then Magnetic Levitation Trains in 1973 by Jean Bertin with his Hovercraft Train he called: "Aero Train".
The Speed of 472km/h is still higher then that of a Maglev Train Today.
The Airstream Train takes advantage of all that came before together with the technology that we have today to create an absolute in Transportation Technology.
A truly Integrated System that allows for the best safest fastest yet cheapest and cleanest silent journey.
And that is the Transportation Side only.
Due to the fact that we have to build the Track once, we then can use the Inside of the Track to provide the public with infrastructure.
Electricity Internet Telephone even water and waste water can be supplied though the Track.
And this will be an easily accessible and upgradable System for Future stability.