Neurowear's Necomimi -- Brainwave-Controlled Cat Ears

Brainwave-controlled cat ears for humans created by Japanese Neurowear (Wired UK)

Japanese company Neurowear is creating a range of fashion items that are operated using brainwaves, including a pair of moveable cat ears.

The cat ear product, called "necomimi" is a novelty hair band that is worn in the normal way but features sensors that pick up on brain signals and convert them into visible actions -- in this case by wiggling the cat ears.


”neurowear” is the name of our project to develop fashion items and gadgets using brain waves and other biosensor with “Augumented Human Body” as the concept. Other than the first project “necomimi”, we are planning to development other various items.
Collected from: neurowear.net

YouTube - neurowear vol.1 "necomimi" (脳波で動く猫耳)

We created new human's organs that use brain wave sensor.
"necomimi"is the new communication tool
that augments human's body and ability.

YouTube - Try! "necomimi" (脳波ネコミミを体験!)

Many people experienced our neurowear "necomimi". It works with your brain signal.

The product, although at present a bit of a commercial gimmick, could actually be used for a number of other functions. For example, to help allow mentally disabled people show their feelings and easing frustrations within those who are verbally challenged. This kind of technology that doesn’t require too many intrusive components could certainly help in treatment by non verbally demonstrating wearers emotions, particularly in children. The same technology could also be used within other applications. Embedded in a hard hat for example the same brain signal monitor could be worn for workers involved in particularly demanding tasks requiring constant concentration. This kind of new technology aimed at health and wellbeing is a particularly growing market in Japan with its increasing greying society.