FRIDA ABB's Human-Like Factory Robot

ABB's FRIDA Offers Glimpse of Future Factory Robots - IEEE Spectrum

Designed for assembly applications, FRIDA is capable of using its human-like arms to grasp and manipulate electronic components and other small parts. The machine is a concept robot that ABB created to show off its vision for a new kind of industrial robot.

FRIDA concept robot

An ABB concept robot for industrial dual-arm assembly applications

Key technology features:
  • Harmless robotic coworker for industrial assembly
  • Human-like arms and body with integrated IRC5 controller
  • Complements human labor with scalable automation
  • Padded dual arms ensure safe productivity and flexibility
  • Lightweight and easy to mount for fast deployment
  • Agile motion based on industry-leading ABB robot technology

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Assembly line

FRIDA cooperating with a human operator

Movement of the arms can reorient in very narrow spaces

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