Facial Recognition Driven Advertising

Advertisers to try face scan technology - CBS News

  • (CBS News)  Imagine walking into a supermarket and having a digital billboard or kiosk determine what you want to buy for dinner before you've decided for yourself. A new facial recognition technology can do just that.
  • The billboard or kiosk can quickly analyze the facial features of the shopper then displays specific ads directed to them.
Facial Recognition Technology: Marketing to the 21st Century - NASDAQ.com
  • Intel Corp. (INTC) makes facial recognition software and says it is widely adaptable.
    "You can put this technology into kiosks, vending machines, digital signs," said Christopher O'Malley, director of retail marketing for Intel's embedded and communications group. "It's going to become a much more common thing in the next few years."
    Adidas is working with Intel to develop digital walls with facial recognition for a limited number of stores in the U.S. or Britain. Kraft (KFT) is in talks with a supermarket chain to test face-scanning kiosks as well.
Intel Corp technology featuring Kraft Foods - YouTube

How Kraft's Face-Scanning Tech Will Tell You What You Like to Eat
  • Behind the Video Scanning Technology

     The most unique selling point for the Meal Planning Solution is its integration of anonymous video analytics software, which detects age and gender to determine which recipes a person may be interested in viewing. “The technology is approximately 86% accurate in determining gender,” Avalos explain. “For age, it depends on the bracket. For young adults and adults, the accuracy is approximately 70%. For children and seniors, the accuracy is approximately 80%.”
Kraft Store Kiosk Scans Your Face Then Knows What to Feed It [Video] | Fast Company
  • Dinner planning: It's the bane of every five o'clock shopper who can't bear to serve up frozen pizza one more night. Now, with the help of some spooky video analytics, Intel and Kraft aim to help harried shoppers come up with better--or at least different--solutions, right in their grocery aisles.
    Debuting at this week's 2011 National Retail Federation show (along with an amazing checkout counter of the future from Adidas), The "Meal Planning Solution," part of Intel's "Connected Store," is a sort of kiosk you might find in an upscale suburban market, catering to families desperate to find something the kids will eat.