Eyejusters Self-Adjusting Glasses

Adjustable Eyejusters Glasses Let You Alter Your Own Prescription! | Inhabitat

Eyejusters are just like a regular set of glasses except they are self-adjustable, allowing the wearer to alter the focus at the twist of a dial. It is hoped that the glasses will be able to help those in the developing world who don’t have access to the glasses they need.

Eyejusters - Self-adjustable glasses

Each SlideLens in a pair of Eyejusters is adjusted to suit a user’s eyes with the simple turn of a dial, so almost anyone can dispense them. They're durable, easy to clean, have attractive metal frames that fit most faces, and come in a range of colours.

Stunning SlideLens technology
The SlideLens adjustable lens technology is the product of intense engineering, manufacturing and optical design. We've designed, simulated and measured the lenses with nanometre-scale precision to ensure the best quality optical experience. Try out a demo →

Eyejusters - self-adjustable glasses designed for the developing world

There are two different types of SlideLens - positive power (for long-sightedness) and negative power (for short-sightedness). The range of the positive power lenses is from +4.5 to 0 diopters, while the range of the negative power lenses is from 0 to -5.0 diopters. This covers the majority of common cases. The glasses are priced at US$39.95 for the individual buyer, but the main aim is to distribute these to people in the developing world.

A pair of Eyejusters glasses being worn in Malawi