SeatBuddy: AirBaltic's Social Airline Seating System

Passengers allowed to choose who they sit to via Air Baltic 'Seat Buddy' scheme | Mail Online

Make it stop: Passengers on Air Baltic who want peace and quiet will be able to select where they sit

The ‘Seat Buddy’ scheme – the brainchild of north European operator airBaltic – allows travellers to select the ‘type of person’ they sit next to.
Four ‘Flight Moods’ are available: ‘Business Talk,’ ‘Easy Chat,’ ‘Work’ and ‘Relax.’
Thus someone keen to concentrate on that important presentation can ask to be placed next to a kindred spirit in the ‘Work’ category – and with it, guarantee a flight free from enquiries about the weather.

World's first airline seating system that depends on your mood | CNNGo.com

Flight control: Surround yourself with the right people.

In another move toward making life more predictable, Latvian airline airBaltic has launched the world's first "SeatBuddy" scheme that pairs up like-minded passengers. 
The free and optional service powered by social seating system Satisfly can place you next to someone who is in the same "flight mood" as you.


AirBaltic says customer information is collected in a secure database and passenger identity isn't disclosed after matches are made. So there's a surprise factor after all.
The first test flights with the "SeatBuddy" option will take off at the end of June 2012. 
AirBaltic serves 60 destinations with direct flights from its home base in Riga, Latvia.

airBaltic introduces intelligent seating with SeatBuddy, powered by Satisfly – the cabin gets social | Leaders in airline & airport customer engagement :: SimpliFlying

Previously, KLM and Malaysia Airlines have introduced initiatives that allow a passenger to choose who to sit next too. But they’ve been limited because I can only do it when I fly that airline. But if I sign up for airBaltic’s SeatBuddy, it gives me the option to add other airline frequent flier programs I’m part of, so that my preferences can be saved the next time I fly any of my preferred airlines. Of course, the other airline also needs to be using the Satisfly-powered product.