Digg's hd-dvd-codes storm

Eerst de feiten:
Nu.nl - Internet in de ban van hd-dvd-codes
Techzine - HD-DVD Beveiligingscode ligt op straat
Tweakers.net - Aacs zwaait met DMCA om hd-sleutel van internet te krijgen
Macwereld - Massale on-line opstand tegen HD-DVD kopieƫerbeveiliging
Dan het sappige verhaal en de achtergronden op SMOblog:

Mayday, mayday! The tale of Digg’s perfect storm and the pirate captain Kevin Rose

[ ...] Somehow, a 32-digit hexadecimal number leaked out onto the Internet. But this wasn’t any number, it was a silver bullet that could take down the evil MPAA and the RIAA. This number was a code. This code could to defeat the copy protection on the HD-DVD that had been produced to date.

News doesn’t travel much faster than this. The original article with the code achieved thousands of diggs in a short few hours, rocketing it to the Digg home page. [...]