Google Insights for Search

Google has launched an application called Insights for Search. You can provide a couple of terms and let Google show you the search volume for these mapped over time with search frequencies displayed on a world map.
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Google Insights for Search, Another Google Trends

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See what the world is searching for.
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Examining seasonality

Insights can be used to determine seasonality. For example, a ski resort may want to find out when people search for ski-related terms most often.

Creating brand associations

Insights can be a helpful tool in creating brand associations. Take, for example, an advertising agency that needs to build a compelling advertising campaign for its client, a computer hardware company. The agency needs to know what competing brands are doing: how should they position their client's product against them?

Entering new markets

Insights can be useful in determining a new market. A wine distributor may be looking to expand into new markets. By entering in wine + vino, and comparing the data across multiple countries, such as Argentina, Mexico, Spain, and Venezuela, the distributor can get a sense of where interest is more prevalent.

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Google Insights for Search, Another Google Trends
Google Insights for Search
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